Dorien Wilson Did End Married Life with Wife but Still They are Close!

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Dorien Wilson Did End Married Life with Wife but Still They are Close!

It's apparently an unwelcoming situation when you have to part ways with the people you once loved. Divorces, for instance, are usually difficult to move on from, considering the togetherness people have built within a period. 

Moreover, it's not just the married couple who has to go through downfall; the family involved also suffers the aftermath. 

However, Dorien Wilson an American actor is still going strong after parting ways with his wife following their divorce, as the former married couple seems to be in good terms even now.

Let's take a look at Dorien's relationship with his former wife.

Dorien Wilson Seemingly is in Amicable Terms with his Former Wife:

Dorien, best known for his portrayal of Professor Stanley Oglevee on the UPN sitcom 'The Parkers,' met his former wife, JoAnn Wilson at Cabrillo and Lompoc high schools. To be precise, he met his wife while in sixth grade!

The meeting later turned into a romantic union, and the couple ended up getting married later in 1986. 

Dorien even shares two children with his wife, daughter Sarita, and son, Devin. Dorien spent eight years with his wife raising their kids in San Francisco.


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However, as per sources, Dorien and his then-wife parted ways after spending years of togetherness. Neither the year of their divorce nor the reason behind it was made public. 

But, if we are to go by the looks of Dorien's posts on his Instagram, he seems to be in an amicable term with his former wife even now. 

In 2016, Dorien posted a picture, with his wife mentioning that they have been visiting Ireland 32 Pub for 26 years straight,


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In 2017 he again shared a throwback post of him and his baby mama,


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Well, after having a glance at those posts the question arises; if the former couple has reconciled their difference and gotten back together, or, are they just on good terms after the split? 

However, we are left oblivious, until the concerned party comes forth addressing the matter.

Whatever be the case, both of them seemingly are happy and gay with whatever is their relationship status.

More about Dorien Wilson:

Born on July 5, 1963, Dorien an American actor is 54 in age. He was born to his parents in Lompoc, California and had two siblings, sister Savita Carothers and late brother, Jamont David Wilson, who passed away in 2015.


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Apart from the tragic loss of his brother, Dorien has other things in life to appreciate; his career being the most significant one! 

Dorien is active in the entertainment industry since 1991 and has numerous acting credits to his name both in television and movies.

Additionally, Dorien, who has garnered a net worth of $ 12 million, is famous for his roles on WB sitcom 'Sister, Sister,' 'Goode Behavior,' 'Missing,' 'Tough Love' and many more.