Evelyn Taft Living The Good Life With Husband And Their Baby; Has Any Photos To Offer From Wedding Day?

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Evelyn Taft Living The Good Life With Husband And Their Baby; Has Any Photos To Offer From Wedding Day?

KCAL-TV channel nine sensation Evelyn Taft has been doing great in her career. She is well known, and she has earned respect for everything she has done in her career. But is she successful in her personal life as well? Well, if you crave to know about her married life as well as other aspects of her personal life, you've come to the right place.

Evelyn: A Mother And A Wife.

Evelyn is married to her long run boyfriend turned husband Ross Resnik sine 2011. The two have been enjoying a smooth and successful marital life despite the fact that hey have not been that vocal about their marital life to the media and the fans.

However, one thing that is clearly visible is that the two have been able to make their marital bond even better and stronger. All thanks to their children!

The couple has a blessed family life with a son and a baby daughter, and the two have immense love for the two angles but have not revealed the exact date Evelyn got pregnant.

However, Evelyn has been vocal about her love for her children over on her social medias, and her posts show how much she loves her children.


My little ???????? #happyhalloween #bigsislittlebro

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#Twinning in the #rain with my mini ??????

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The people out there must know how much love Evelyn has for her kids and her husband, but what the people would also like to see is the wedding picture of Evelyn and Ross. However, as Evelyn wants to keep her marital life private, she has not disclosed any pieces of behind the lens information on her marriage and is yet to release any pictures to the media. Hope she shares them soon!

Evelyn Taft's Short Wiki-Like Bio:

Born on 24th of August in 1984, in San Francisco, USA, Evelyn Taft is a night meteorologist at the KCAL- TV channel 9 of the Los Angeles station. Apart from being a meteorologist, she has also worked as a presenter, an editor, director and reporter for KCAL-TV.

She joined the channel back in August 2010 and has been a star for the channel ever since.After Taft had joined, she contributed in the making KCAL  the top local newscasts and helped gain 160000 viewers which at that time was 28% more than the previous year's record. That is what she has done for the channel.