Ewen Bremner, With Splendid Net Worth, And a Daughter: Reticent About Partner. Married or Not?

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Ewen Bremner, With Splendid Net Worth, And a Daughter: Reticent About Partner. Married or Not?

Director Danny Boyle is putting back the crew from, ‘Trainspotting’, for the movie’s sequel nearly after 20 years of the first movie.

After a long wait, all your favorite 'Trainspotting' characters will be returning to the screen, including the most lovable 'Stud', Ewen Bremner. You must be curious about this lad, aren't you?  Learn about his net worth and also his daughter and partner that he is so reticent about.

Net Worth and Salary:

Ewen Bremner has a staggering net worth that is estimated to be at least 5 million dollars. He has appeared in a significant number of movies after debuting in ‘Heavenly Pursuits’ in 1985.

So, his number of acting deals is the main reason for his huge net worth. Many factors like a tax, investments, marriage, and divorce are not calculated in so the estimated amount may not be 100% accurate.

Some of the biggest projects he has been involved with are movies like 'Trainspotting', 'Pearl Harbour', 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Jack: the Giant Slayer'. His upcoming movie, the sequel to 'Trainspotting' is also considered a big project.

His star Daughter:

Ewen Bremner isn’t usually found talking about his personal life. Bremner isn't even available on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, digging up about his private life is tough. Luckily for us, this article from October 20, 2010, gives us a little basic knowledge about his personal life.

The star of the article, however, was not Bremner, it was his daughter, Harmony. The ‘Trainspotting’ actor’s daughter had won a National Young Film Critic Award for her review of the movie, ‘The Illusionist’. She had won the award in the age category of 7-11.

The organizers of the contest were themselves surprised when they found out that Bremner had flown all the way from LA to London to attend the contest. They later did the math that he was there to see her daughter pick the award.

Harmony was 11 years old then, which means that she has to be 17 years old today. She was born in 1999. It is also said that he had named his daughter having worked with the director and producer Harmony Korine in the 1999 movie ‘Julien Donkey-boy.' He later called his daughter born in the same year Harmony.

Relationship with Marcia as Married and Wife:

Bremner was not the only one who was there to support Harmony. The actress, Marcia Rose, too came there for her daughter.

It turns out that Rose and Bremner had actually worked together in movie ‘Skin’ in 1995 and ’16 years of Alcohol’ in 2003. There is no news if they were married or had a divorce. So, she might not be his wife but they did share a relationship in the past before splitting up.

Caption: Ewen 'Spud' Bremner films scenes for Trainspotting 2 film

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Ewen Bremner was born on 23rd January 1972. He was born in Edinburg to his art teachers parents. He attended Portbello high school. He plays a lot of movies but most of his roles include characters that are injured or hurt.

He is recently busy shooting the sequel for the 1996 movie, ‘Trainspotting’ whose teaser has come out in July. According to his IMDb account, he will be seen starring in ‘The Lake’ that is set to release in 2017.