Extreme Weather's Author Bonnie Schneider: Is She Married? Who is Her Husband?

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Extreme Weather's Author Bonnie Schneider: Is She Married? Who is Her Husband?

The only thing greater than making valuable memories maybe is to look back years later and to smile on the memories that you have made. For many married couples, their marriage is something that they love to look back on. Bonnie Schneider, the meteorologist, and the author is also a married woman and she too must enjoy looking back into her 'special day'.

Bonnie Schneider is a well-known journalist when it comes to the weather department. She has covered important storms, hurricanes and other forces of nature. We know a lot about her career as a journalist but what about her career as an author and her married life.

Her Married Life: Husband?

Bonnie Schneider is married to Michael Samuel Sikowitz since April 30, 2000. Michael, her husband, is a writer and producer and has undertaken many projects like 'Friends', 'Welcome to the Family', 'Grounded For Life' e.t.c. He's recent association has been producing and writing for the TV series 'Dr. Ken' from 2015 till present.

They got married at the Pierre in New York, and the whole ceremony was being conducted by Rabbi Norman Kahan. They will be spending the morning of their wedding in a very good but unusual way of inviting all their guests with them to a bone marrow screening for a close friend in need, Daniel Brown. There is really no photo of the couple together, but we suppose this is him in the photo she posted on Instagram.


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The couple had met back in October 1998 in a business lunch after being introduced by a mutual friend. A few days later they again met when Michael was in the city for his sister’s wedding, and that is when he kissed her for the first time. After 7 months, the couple they moved in together in a new house in Hollywood Hills and one day when Michael was simply doing the barbecue when he suddenly got on one knee and talked about their relationship and then he pulled out the engagement ring.

''I was kind of left hanging, and then finally she said yes,'' Mr. Sikowitz said.

Author of ‘Extreme Weather’:

She is also an author and has published the book ‘Extreme Weather’. She uses her years of experience and education about the weather to inform as well as guide us through various types of extreme weathers from flash floods to wildfires. She has stated the basic “How to handle, prepare and protect” ourselves, our loved ones and our property from bad weather.

Bonnie Schneider's Short Bio:

Bonnie Schneider was born on sometime around 1969 in Jericho, New York, US. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism in 1991. She continued her education in meteorological studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Hunter College in Manhattan. Her net worth is not determined yet.

She was awarded the ‘Seal of Approval’ American Meteorological Society for providing a high standard and excellent dedication in communication skills as well as technical weather knowledge. The ‘Jericho High School’ inducted her into their ‘Hall of Fame’ in 16th April 2015. She is the meteorologist of the show ‘First Look’ in NBC since 2016.