Father of 2 Children, Tony Sirico's Amazing Net Worth of $16 Million. Plus His Interview in Friend's Funeral

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Father of 2 Children, Tony Sirico's Amazing Net Worth of $16 Million. Plus His Interview in Friend's Funeral

A satisfying acting career, a beautiful family, and even more amazing bank balance; how Tony Sirico does it all, let’s find out.

We all know Tony as Paulie Walnuts from the HBO television series The Sopranos. He started his acting career around the 1970s. By working in around 45 films and around 18 television series, he has been able to establish himself as a talented actor. In his long career of about four decades, he has been able to collect quite a fortune for himself. His current net worth is a hefty sum of around $16 million.

But a great thing about Tony is he doesn’t spend his fortune partying around or splurging it without thinking twice, rather he uses it as funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other organizations.

Tony’s Family Life:

Even though Tony is a famous actor with thousands of fans, he is still hush-hush when it comes to his personal life. The Goodfellas actor apparently has two children, a son and a daughter, who are both in their 30s. There is no information regarding their names and occupation. Tony doesn’t talk much about his married life either so we don’t know much about his wife. But we have a picture of the couple together.


Caption: Tony and wife attending the screening of the movie, "The Loop," July 13, 2009.

Source: gettyimages.com

James Gandolfini’s Funeral Interview:

Back in 2013, a tragedy hit Tony when he lost his dear friend, James Gandolfini, the actor who played Tony Soprano in the HBO series, The Sopranos. He mentioned he lost his family. He was visibly emotional as he was struggling to speak in the interview below.

Caption: James Gandolfini Funeral 'Sopranos' Star Tony Sirico Says 'We Lost Family.'

His Early Life:

Sirico, before becoming an actor was a real-life mobster. He has admitted to being a low-level associate of the Colombo crime circuit and has served time for robbing a club, possession of drugs and weapons as well.

He was arrested initially in 1967 for robbing a Brooklyn club and was released 13 months later. He was also investigated by Manhattan District Attorney's office after he threatened a disco owner saying,

I'm going to come back here and carve my initials in your forehead. You better learn a lesson; you better show me the respect I deserve".

Furthermore, a Bellevue Hospital psychiatric report judged that Sirico suffered from a "character disorder."

He was arrested the second time on February 27, 1970, for extortion and menacing but plea bargained out of the ordeal. However, he was pled guilty to felony weapons possession in 1971 and served 20 months in prison. During his imprisonment, he inspired by an acting troupe composed of ex-cons which led him to choose a career in acting.

Caption: Tony as Vinny the Dog in Fox's Family Guy.

Genaro Anthony “Tony” Sirico was born in New York City, New York, on July 29, 1942. An ex-con, Tony has appeared in more than 40 films in his four-decade long career. His most notable work is playing the character of Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri in The Sopranos which earned him 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards wins and five nominations. Currently, he starred in a new movie called Cafe Society, directed by Woody Allen.