Flula Borg Gets Two People Married But What About Himself? Has A Girlfriend Or Are The Gay Rumors True?

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Flula Borg Gets Two People Married But What About Himself? Has A Girlfriend Or Are The Gay Rumors True?

It is said and believed that when you reconcile two people who are madly and deeply in love with each other, then you perform the holiest deed that one can ever do. Also, in due course of time, you will get the fruit of your deed. DJ Flula Borg knows that very well, as he has helped two lovers get married.

The famous person, who is well known for the collaboration videos with celebrities on his YouTube channel, is the man who became the clergyman and helped two people get married, but what about his current relationship status?

Is the funny and one of the finest DJ already married and has a wife or just has a girlfriend? Or belongs to the gay community? We shall find out!

The Go-between In The Marriage; But What About Himself?

The weird guy from Pitch Perfect 2, Flula Borg, has been fascinating people from a long time. He has also been making videos and some interesting music in collaboration with the celebrities.

Apart from just making entertaining videos he has also got two people married, his friends Kamran and Cisa.

Caption: Flula Borg became the Padre and made his friends Kamran and Cisa married. (Published on Jan 19, 2016)

The Erlangen native undoubtedly did a great job with that, but what about his personal life? Is the actor already married, or is happy with a girlfriend?

While talking about Flula, he is very outspoken about himself, but when it comes to his personal life, no voice is heard from the actor.

According to sources, the 35 years old humorist is not married yet and hasn’t come publicly about his dating affairs. But knowing the single status of him, speculations are being made that he is of gay orientation. How true is it?

Speculated to Be A Gay; Is it Flawed Or Factual?

As Flula Borg has not been vocal about his dating affairs, people often guess that he is a gay. But is there any fact which can overshadow the assumption of people? With no doubts, yes of course.

Caption: Flula Borg in a YouTube video where he, a straight guy had to explain some gay slangs. (Published on Oct 30, 2014)

In the video above, what we can see is that Flula Borg fails to answer all the questions. And that means he is not so familiar with the gay slangs; which is enough to clarify the fact that he is a straight guy.

Born on March 28, 1982, Flula Borg is widely known as DJ Flula. Prior to his career as a YouTuber, he was Schuhplatter dancer in Germany. In 2006, with an appearance on Current TV called "Take Me Home James." 

Flula started his acting career starring in “Pitch Perfect 2” in 2015. Acting, singing and making music has always been his favorite part and hence YouTube is always special and important for him.

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