Former Fox News' Tracy Byrnes, on Walmart Workers' Salary Raise: Net Worth and Husband?

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Former Fox News' Tracy Byrnes, on Walmart Workers' Salary Raise: Net Worth and Husband?

Nobody is perfect in the world. Sometimes even experts make mistakes but if you do it on the news that it goes viral. It is expected of people who look up to news channels to guide them become unsatisfied when incorrect views and opinions are stated. Tracy Byrnes also became a subject of this unsupportive feedback. Learn about it in detail.

You may remember Tracy Byrnes as the reporter and anchor for Fox News but now that she has left Fox News what is next for her? It turns out that she has portrayed more than the role of a journalist in her life. Her part in the Minimum Wage jobs like that in Wal-Mart had made quite the buzz.

Unfavored Views on Minimum Wage:

When she was a panelist on the Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox Business Network, she and her colleagues like Neil Cavuto, Charles Payne and others from the Fox News seem to infuriate a lot of people by their views on the Minimum Wage. You see protests have been rising in America for a long time now to raise their Minimum Wage by workers of Fast food business lines and corporations like Walmart.

Caption: Fox News Discussion over $15 Min Wage increase in Seattle

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The Financial reporter along with many of her Fox Business colleagues expressed how doing so could be chaotic. She also wrote in Fox News website on that by protesting for a higher wage is making matter worse as to contemplate payroll cost the company would lay off employees or hours of working.

In the end, she has given the prediction,


Criticism of her Views:

Her views against the Minimum Wage Raise got so much attention that many people slammed her for her ideology. A website called ‘dailykos’ accused her of “pushing blatant falsehoods” and also referred to her as “one of the stupidest FBN/FNC "Business" show guests/hosts ever.” on their statement published on late of 2011. At the same time, John Oliver also felt bothered by these reports from Fox News and slammed them in ‘The Daily Show’ when he was substituting for John Stewart. He randomly teased all the Fox News Reporters including Tracy Byrnes.

He marked Tracy’s comment on his show on 2013, where he said;

 “This notion that we are gonna keep raising it just to share our wealth, cause well we’re close to being socialists anyways at this point. It’s Ridiculous”.

He cracked up all the viewers as he marked,

“Who would’ve known that the line between Capitalism and Communism in America was a double-digit minimum wage minimum wage”.

Just when you thought that it was over, John remembered seeing Tracy showing sympathy for low-wage workers and poor people before showing a video clip from the past where Tracy was saying something opposite. Workers and poor people before showing a video clip from the past where Tracy was saying something.

Caption: John Oliver in ‘The Daily Show’ on 1st August 2013 criticizing Fox News


Different Roles in Life:

Tracy Byrnes is mostly known for being a journalist. She was seen as a reporter and anchor of finance and business on Fox News. She was seen in multiple shows like ‘Bulls and Bears,' ‘Cavuto on Business’ and ‘Cashing In.' She has been involved with Fox Business Network from October 2007 to March 2015.

She was also the host of Fox News Channel’s ‘Wine With me from August 2011 to February 2015. She also took the role of a freelance reporter respected publications like ‘The Wallstreet Journal’ and ‘Forbes.' She also became the senior writer for ‘The’ until 2001.

But she had started out briefly as a senior accountant for ‘EY.' Since April 2015 until the present, she is the Founder and Principal of ‘Wine on the Street.' Out of all these professional roles and responsibilities, her private ones cannot be over-looked.

The name of her husband is not displayed, but she was already divorced in 2005. She has 3 children; 2 of them are daughters, 7 and 2 years of age and one is her son of 5 years old.

Tracy Byrnes' Short Bio:

Tracy Byrnes was born on March 3, 1964, in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. She was raised in New Jersey where she graduated in 1992 with a B.A. in Economics from Lehigh University and minored in two separate English minors.

Her salary and net worth are not revealed yet. She was recently seen in an episode of ‘The Kennedy Show’ on 5th February 2016.