Gabrielle Bernstein Explains How Her Wedding Was Like With Husband! No Space For Children In Married Life?

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Gabrielle Bernstein Explains How Her Wedding Was Like With Husband! No Space For Children In Married Life?

Marriage is something that not only brings out two people together physically but also combines two souls. For someone like Gabrielle Bernstein, who is a motivational speaker holding a spiritual kind of personality; what is marriage supposed to be like?

The life coach of women has something to share about her wedding and married life. So, is she planning to increase her family so far? Let us have a look at her wedding and her plans regarding children.

Spiritual And Faith-based Wedding Of Gabrielle:

Gabrielle Bernstein has been a great inspiration for many women. She has motivated many and inspired to live a happy life. Her quotes and words have been of great help so far. As she is one of the famous personality among the ladies, many are curious to know about her wedding, and eventually, she did share after remaining silent for some time.

In an interview, talking about the religious and spiritual topic, Gabrielle Bernstein shared something about her marriage that she is not a religious kind of person, but she believes that “religion is a gateway for spiritual awakening.” 

Talking about her marriage, she got married to Zach Rocklin. She hadn't shared much about the relationship yet such as when or where did they first meet and all, but as per sources, the pair got married on 2014.

Caption: Gabrielle Bernstein got married to Zach Rocklin on 2014.

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Gabrielle mentioned that her wedding was moreover a spiritual type of wedding rather than a religious one. She stated,

“My best friend, who's my most religious friend, married us in a standard Jewish format but there was no rabbi. We're not religious so what was most authentic to us was a spiritual wedding.”

Gabrielle often indicates about her husband in her Tweets and Instagram posts.


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Years after getting married, what are their plans on having kids?

As of now, it seems the pair is not working to have children. But hopefully, they will be ready soon to share love and affection with their children!

How Did She Come To Be A Motivational Speaker?

While talking in an interview, the author spoke about her journey towards the way of becoming a motivational speaker.

As Gabrielle shared, she was an addict when she was of very young age. She said,

“In my early twenties, I was running a PR firm representing nightclubs. I got caught up in the nightlife scene and became severely addicted to drugs. “

Revealing how she got to find her way to self-satisfaction and relief, she further added,

“When I was 25, I woke up one morning and thought, “This isn’t working.” I prayed, got myself clean, and started to meditate, a practice I had been introduced to growing up but had never taken seriously. I became a student of metaphysics, and decided to share my story through speaking events and my first book.

She continued,

"It became a zeitgeist: Women in their 20s and 30s would tell me, “I feel like I need some direction. I know there’s more but I’m not sure where to find it.” I realized my mission was to demystify these spiritual tools for people who seek answers but who may not want to go sit in a room with a monk and meditate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just want to make powerful spiritual practices and principles accessible and authentic to people.”

After all those experiences, now Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker along with a meditation instructor. Moreover, she also teaches “How To Change Your Diet.”  

In 2009, she was featured as “guru” for the next generation in “The New York Times.” She also founded a social networking site She is used to sharing the inspirational quotes on her Instagram account as well. 

The New York native published her first book titled “Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide For Happiness” in 2010. Further, she published other books such as Meditating: Meditations for Fearless Romance (2011), May Cause Miracles: A 6-Week Kick-Start to Unlimited Happiness (2013) and Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Discovering Self-Love and Miracles (2011.

Her successful career has undoubtedly awarded her with a splendid net worth, but Gabrielle is yet to reveal it in the exact figures.