Get to Know All About News Anchor Peter Mansbridge's Two Divorces And His Married Life With His Present Wife and Children

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Get to Know All About News Anchor Peter Mansbridge's Two Divorces And His Married Life With His Present Wife and Children

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An English-born Canadian news anchor and broadcaster, Peter Mansbridge, 67, has been popular on Tabloids, because of his highly successful career and multiple marital relations.

Today, you will get to know all about news anchor Peter Mansbridge's two divorces and his married life with his present wife and children.

On-air proposal to Claire Martin:

According to Wikipedia, sixty-seven-year-old Mansbridge has been hitched thrice. However, as per as our research, Peter once proposed to a woman in spite of being married to wife, Cynthia Dale. 

Caption: Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin


The woman is no other than weathercaster Claire Martin, whom Peter asked the big question getting down on one knee and holding a ring on one hand, while on-air during the weather segment of CBS' nightly newscast, The National, in 2012.

He interrupted Claire, who was weather casting, and expressed himself.

"I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have some breaking news. We have word that there is a stunning woman in the studio who is about to have her life turned upside-down, and we have her on camera right now.”

“Claire, I’ve never loved listening to the weather so much since I met you. The best part of my day is our National Weather segment. During the telecast, I can’t stop thinking about you… That shine in my eyes just isn’t the reflection of the teleprompter. Every time we go to commercial, I rack my brain trying to think of the best segue to transition from the latest Middle Eastern horror story to your warm fronts and high-pressure ridges.”

Listening to all of these,  Claire couldn't find the right words to say and exclaimed “Petah!” partially covering her mouth with her hands. But, Peter decided to continue his love quest.

"When we giggle together at my obscure, inside references, it feels that we are the only ones in this world, and I completely forget about the fact that we are being broadcast to an audience of one million people.  Marry me, Claire….let’s make beautiful news together.”

The producers then decided to black out the cameras. Later, Claire issued a statement stating she has chosen to resign to avoid being a distraction to the audience. In the statement, she also said:

"In case anybody is wondering, the answer to Peter’s question is ‘no,' as I think he has forgotten he is already married to the lovely Cynthia Dale, who I would hazard is not a fan  of polygamy.”

Married Three Times!

Peter Mansbridge was first married to Parm Dhillon with whom he had a divorce in the year 1975. Right after his divorce,  many famous female celebrities were assumed to be his next girlfriend. Such rumors stopped arising when he married Wendy Mesley on January 6, 1989.

Wendy Mesley is his second wife. His relationship with Mesley lasted till 1992 and he eventually got married to Canadian actress Cynthia Dale on November 14, 1998.

Caption: Peter Mansbridge and Cynthia Dale


Caption: Peter, Cynthia and son William, a 17-year-old


His third marriage seems to be as successful as his career, as there are no any rumors regarding the tartness in their relationship.

Peter Mansbridge’s Children:

Talking about his children, he has two daughters from his first marriage and a son named William with Cynthia Dale, who was born in the year 1999. Mansbridge is currently living in Stratford, Ontario with his family. He also owns a summer cottage in the Gatineau Hills.

Peter Mansbridge’s  Bio and Net Worth:

Mansbridge was born on July 6, 1948, as the son of Stanley Harry Mansbridge and Brenda Louise Mansbridge. Peter Mansbridge is the drop out of Glebe Collegiate Institute.

In the year 1966 and 1967, he has served in the Royal Canadian Navy. He was hired as the host of CHFC's late night music program by Gaston Charpentier. Charpentier was the station manager of radio station CHFC.

Currently, Mansbridge is the host of CBC News Network's Mansbridge: One on One. chief correspondent for CBC News, Mansbridge has also anchored “The National”. On July 1, 2017, he will be the chief correspondent and anchor of Canada's 150th birthday celebrations. He will also be serving as chancellor of Mount Allison University until December 2017.

His career has given him everything that a talented and experienced journalist deserves. Though the salary of him hasn’t been revealed yet, Lacroix's submission revealed that Mansbridge roughly makes $80,000.

Despite being one of the most famous Canadian journalists, his salary is equal as a lower-level reporter which is just not credible. However, his net worth is not yet revealed. With forty-seven years of activeness in the industry, Mansbridge has been respected and honored with many accolades and awards for his journalistic work.

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