Glenn Fleshler Is Married And Has Wife; Life Behind The Camera

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Glenn Fleshler Is Married And Has Wife; Life Behind The Camera

American theater actor Glenn Fleshler despite being active in the entertainment world since 1993, came under the radar of limelight only after portraying the role of Errol Childress, a kidnapping, mass-murdering, lawn-mowing villain of the American drama series True Detective in 2014.

Glenn's scary role of the Errol Childress, a.k.a 'The Yellow King' gave a pathway of stardom to Glenn, and also his other television credits have garnered him a lot of fans and followers. 

If you are curious to know a bit more about Glenn, then follow us in the preface below!

Glenn Fleshler's Personal life

Glenn, who celebrates his birthday every September, seems to be one of the experts in keeping his personal life low-key as no information about his life behind the camera has surfaced out in the media. But, it has come to the limelight that Glenn is not single. He is, in fact, a married man with a wife and a son. 

Glen, who stands tall at the height of 1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch), during the interview with the VULTURE in March 2014 disclosed a fact about his family while talking about his horrifying role of Errol in True Detective. 

Glenn even admitted that when late at night his wife and baby were asleep, he used to work on the scripts; later he would crawl into bed in tears.

I remember working on the scripts late at night while my wife and baby were sleeping and crawling into bed with my wife and just being in tears 'cause it was so painful to think about the big picture.

Glenn Fleshler in the avatar of Errol Childress on the set of True Detective (Photo:

Moreover, during an interview with G.Q in March 2014, Glenn revealed that he had read over 30 novels to his wife while she is busy cooking or feeding their son and even said that he would never let his son watch True Detective, probably because of his scary character.

Though it is clear that Glenn is married with a son and is miles away from being speculated as a gay; it is not sure when he started dating and got into wedlock with his wife. Hopefully, he has a beautiful family and a loving partner for life.

Besides the family matter, Glenn is evidently rising as a celebrity. He has appeared in television series including The Night of, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Waco, Billions and Barry. His movie credit includes Irreplaceable You, Suburbicon, The Rendezvous, A Most Violent Year and so on. Glenn's upcoming movie The Seagull is set to release on 11 May 2018.