Welcome Home! Actor Manu Bennett Returns to his Domain after Peruvian Voyage!

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Welcome Home! Actor Manu Bennett Returns to his Domain after Peruvian Voyage!

Manu Bennett is best known for his character as Deathstroke, a supervillain in the television series Arrow. He might be a super villain in Arrow, but all in all Manu Bennett is a good guy in real life.

Despite his hectic schedule, Manu Bennett contributes all his free time to his family which includes two sweet daughters.

Mama, I'm coming home!

After filming the ideal scenarios of Peru, actor Manu Bennett is back home in Auckland, New Zealand giving ample of time to his beloved family.


New York here WE come!!!

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Bennett, along with his wife Karin Horen recently migrated to their new residence in Greenhithe along with their three kids Huia (8 years old), Mokoia (4 years old) and Pania (3 years old) have been sprawling some quality time after their Peruvian adventure.


To value relationship look at how far you've walked alongside someone and how far they've walked alongside you.

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Earlier this year in April of 2016, Bennett, his wife, and kids visited South America, and the purpose of the tour was Bennett’s shooting for his new venture, Death Race 2050, a reincarnation of Roger Corman’s classic thriller Death Race 2000.

Bennett's excitement about his character racing on the wheels was evident when he stated:

"My race car is called Monster. I crashed it twice, but the stunt team crashed it seven times. By the end of filming, it was held together by prayers and masking tape,"

Gabbing about the couple's relationship, Manu Bennett married Karin Horen in 2005 and had three daughters all together. As per who’s dated who, Manu Bennet and Karin Horen are divorced, but it's not verified by other medias. Manu Bennett being grown up in a showbiz family has a net worth as that of $1.5 million.

Engaged in an alteration!

Earlier in September of 21, 2016 Manu Bennett did address the subject to his arrest for assault in Texas at Alamo City Comic Con.

The 45-year-old New-Zealand born actor did speak to a panel at Rose City Comic Con about the incident on 21st September 2016, saying that: 'I'm humiliated for myself, for my family, and as a representative of Maori culture.

Bennett added:

'I'm not going to hide about something that happened last week in Texas,' 'I'm a human being, I was out at night, drunk.'

The incident took place on 14th September during a comic con after the party with a 29-year-old male who has been named as a victim of the incident.

The main reason behind the incident is said to be that the ugly human-made remarks about his wife Karin Horen and her battle with cancer. It will be interesting to hear the verdicts from the officials as the results date draw closer