Hot Melinda Clarke's Beach Wedding With River Rafting Husband

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Hot Melinda Clarke's Beach Wedding With River Rafting Husband

Hot actress Melinda Clarke may not be as young as many of her co-stars but even when she portrays the characters such as 'mother', viewers find her equally appealing. But unfortunately for her male fans, she is already taken.

A September Nuptial: People Interview

Yes, Melinda Clarke is a married woman. She tied the knot in September of 2015.

She later opened up in an interview with the ‘People’ Magazine about her September nuptials that took place on a beach in Dana Point, California. She spilled every information from the wedding gown to the ceremonies.

The Groom of the Wedding: Meet her Husband

And now you must be wondering about the lucky guy. The newly transformed husband, Adam Farmer, is the man who has married Clarke. According to People, her husband is a professional river rafter. They met for the first time during a rafting trip.

After starting out as friends for a few years, these two gradually felt more connected, especially because of their shared love for nature. So, they started dating and got married later when they knew it was the right time.

The Road to the Wedding:

The couple decided to plan their wedding themselves. “We didn’t have a wedding coordinator,” she said. “My husband and I planned every little detail by ourselves.”

But they did have their mind set on certain things. They wanted a casual beach wedding with gourmet taco trucks. Melinda then moved on to the next big factor in the wedding, the wedding dress. She wanted an airy dress with no frills.

“At one point I was going to just go Cindy Crawford, [in a] simple white dress,” she added.

But when she went on to the first bridal boutique with her 15-year-old daughter, Catherine Mirich, they brought her a gorgeous off-white organza gown, and it was perfect. So, she decided to buy the dress and cancel all her other appointments. After some modification to the dress, she looked even more gorgeous.

Caption: Her Nikita co-stars with her family Catherine Grace Mirich, 2013

She decided to simply go barefoot until she got the idea of wearing a comfortable super-tall Bebe flip-flops from “CSI.” Now she would not only feel comfortable but tall as well. To make her look as beautiful as she appears on-screen, she took the help of her trusted makeup artist, Lynn Barber and her hair stylist, Jeffery Rubis.

The Fairytale Ending:

Compiling this entire process, she looked very-gorgeous and beautiful. Even hubby, Farmer, was dazzling wearing his groom's apparel.The couple perfectly complimented the scenery of the beach and the ocean. Doesn’t it sound like some extract from a fairytale? Let us hope that the couple remains married for a long time, divorce free.

Melinda's Short Bio:

Melinda Clarke was born on April 24, 1969, in Dana Point, California. She is the daughter of the actor, John Clarke and mother Patricia Lewis. She is a trained soprano.

Currently, she isn’t up to anything that big but in December 2015, news came that she would have an unplanned re-union with her former ‘The OC’ co-star, Ben McKenzie in ‘Gotham’ in 2016.