CNBC Host Jackie DeAngelis Married to Her Secret Husband? Her CNBC Biography Hasn't Even Specified Her Age

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CNBC Host Jackie DeAngelis Married to Her Secret Husband? Her CNBC Biography Hasn't Even Specified Her Age

For some person, family and friends come first while some people are so workaholic that their first priority is their profession and job. CNBC's online show, Futures Now’s host Jackie DeAngelis who dazzled many of us by her outstanding presenting and communicating skills has been maintaining privacy in her personal life. When it comes to revealing information regarding her personal life, she is miles away.  It seems that DeAngelis is very busy making her place in the broadcasting world.

 She has not even revealed her birth date, which is quite surprising. Neither her age is revealed in her CNBC bio nor in any other biography.

We stalked Jackie DeAngle’s Twitter profile and discovered her fun loving person even after being a workaholic.


never gets old, never gets boring, only gets better

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Single or Secretly Married?

We must say Jackie has kept her personal private. We find her listless when it comes to dating or affairs. DeAngelis, who is your loving man?

Many of us are interested to know whether she is secretly married or not. But we can’t even say whether she is single or not. DeAngelis is a well-known personality, and any men would love to be with her. Here is a tweet of one of her fans asking her whether she is married or not?

Is she married? Does she have a husband? If you guys have any idea regarding her marital or dating status, drop it in the comment box below.

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We may not know about her dating history, but we sure know that she loves her family and her little friends - the dogs.


over my head ????

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dunkin #schnoodle ??

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A Short Bio of Jackie:

DeAngelis studied Asian Studies and History at Cornell University from where she has graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. She also attended Rutgers School of Law and held a Juris Doctorate. Despite English, she speaks Farsi and Mandarin fluently.

Contributes live reports for CNBC entirely devoted to the futures market. Focusing on the Jackie DeAngelis CNBC's online show, "Futures Now," host specifically energy and the commodity markets, she reports live for CNBC programming from the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Likewise, she provides in-depth analysis of the futures market and interviews market movers and newsmakers. DeAngelis has also worked at Oaktree Capital Management before joining CNBC as a technology analyst.