Iwan Rheon Album Title is A Place Where He Met Girlfriend! A Dating Affair That's Worth Escalating to A Married One?

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Iwan Rheon Album Title is A Place Where He Met Girlfriend! A Dating Affair That's Worth Escalating to A Married One?

Iwan Rheon is not just a successful actor but is also a musician who has released several successful albums. But did you know one of the titles of his albums signifies the love he has for his long standing girlfriend?

Well, that is true ladies and gentlemen! Iwan is in absolute love with his girlfriend, and the title of one of his albums is named after the place where he first met her. So is this relationship now heading towards marriage or what? Let us find out!

Iwan Rheon & His Girlfriend En Route To Getting Married?

Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon is in total love with his actor/model/musician girlfriend, Zoë Grisedale. The two have been more than happy with one another's companionship.

The star actor and musician Iwan reflected the love for his girlfriend by naming his debut album 'Dinard' (which is a city of France), which is the place they first met each other.


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Not only that; the man also terms his girlfriend, 'Angel.'


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Well, there are several variations of "angel" he uses for his girlfriend, and one of them is "Walkaway angel."


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Add 'Rock Angel' to the list.


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However, the adorable couple, who live in North London together, has not made the actual tenure of their relationship public. Moreover, the fans often wonder if they have plans to tie the knot and if Iwan is looking to make her his wife.

Well, the answer to that lies with the couple, and as of yet, no any plan is publicized. 

But we hope that the couple ties the knot soon and escalates the level of their love soon!

Furthermore, the people who have mistaken him as a gay should now be clear that he is not a gay. Living with his girlfriend and not having come out as a gay himself shuts the rumor for good, doesn't it? 

Caption: Iwan Rheon and girlfriend Zoe Grassedale walk in Paris.

Published on Apr 21, 2015.

Iwan Rheon: Game of Thrones:

Iwan Rheon is best-known for portraying Ramsay Bolton in the HBO monster series. In an interview in 2015 with Independent, he shared what it was like to portray his role.

"It's relentless,"

Rheon continued talking about sharing takes with the character of Theon Greyjoy

"And generally I'm doing a lot of things, a lot of talking – to keep that tension in there is tough. But it's probably harder for Alfie, to be honest. Even though he's got less lines, it's uncomfortable for a start – especially when he was on that cross! It's thankless for him, and it's demoralising. My character is enjoying it! Whereas for him it's just bad… and then worse. But he's a trouper, like. Fair play to him."

Moreover, in the same interview, he talked about his debut album 'Dinard.'

I wrote and recorded the album over the course of filming seasons four and five of Thrones

He did an outstanding job representing the character of Ramsey Bolton with such precision. Unfortunately for his fans, he died in the battle of bastards getting defeated by Jon Snow.

The two diverse professional involvements have apparently been helping his finances the world of good, which is why he is enjoying his net worth of $2 million.

Stay with us for the budding updates on Iwan Rheon!