Does Jack Quaid have A Dating Affair And A Girlfriend? Or His Parent's Failed Marriage Shook Him To The Core?

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Does Jack Quaid have A Dating Affair And A Girlfriend? Or His Parent's Failed Marriage Shook Him To The Core?

Divorce is hard, especially for the child who is in-between the separation. While some move on, accepting and respecting their parents' decisions letting it all go because things did not work out the way it should have, while some engrave the situation deep into their heart and sabotage their future relationship because they do not believe it will work.

Jack Quaid, an actor by profession, who also happens to be the only child of two of the most iconic an actor and actress of all time, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan had to witness the split of his parents as well.

But did he let it all go and is currently dating, or has he lost his belief in love? Let’s get acquainted with the details for the answer!

How his Parents’ Split affected him?

Jack Quaid’s parents got divorced when he was just a five years old boy. Five years, according to Jack, is an awkward age to witness parents split. In an interview with People, he expressed,

“It’s one of those weird ages for your parents to get divorced. You’re old enough to know what’s going on but young enough to be kind of naïve about it. It’s a whole deal.”

The actor revealed that his childhood was not as normal, given the fact that his famous parents’ split was everywhere, including in the magazines found in the grocery stores.

“It’s a hard deal.”

The actor further talked about his experience,

“I acknowledge fully the way that I grew up was not normal. But at the same time, it was normal in the sense that despite what my parents do, they are still a mom and a dad. It’s not like they are their characters at the dinner table or anything like that.”

Has the Split affected his Dating life

As a matter of fact, the split of his parents does not seem to have affected him at all. The actor, who is occasionally rumored to be gay, has had multiple dating affairs in the past years.

Back in 2015, Jack was dating a girl by the name Tayler Vee Robinson, a short movie enthusiast. The actor posted a picture on August 5, 2015, stating how girlfriend took most of his pictures when he wasn’t ready with a pose.


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However, Jack has since split with his short film enthusiast girlfriend and moved on towards dating another beautiful girl by the name Lizzy McGroder.

His girlfriend Lizzy is a Los Angeles and Phoenix based model and a comedian as well, who graduated from Occidental College with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Culture; emphasizing on screen writing.


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The couple, who both belong to the entertainment field, share moments with each other on their respective Instagram platforms.


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This couple was certainly made in heaven, isn't it?

Jack Quaid short Bio

Jack Quaid was born on April 24, 1992, in Los Angeles. The uprising actor stands at a proud height of 6 feet 2 inches and is known for his appearance in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Logan Lucky.

Although Jack has yet not revealed his net worth; his parents, both Dennis and Meg have a staggering net worth of $40 million and $45 million respectively.

Talking about his career in acting, Jack is very much in love with it and says that he’s also fans of his parents’ work. He talks about his acting career,

“I’m really happy. It’s a cool job. If I had parents who weren’t actors, I’d still be over the moon to have this job.”

Recently, Jack can be seen in Tragedy Girls, Workaholics, and collaborates on a post-production project ‘Rampage.'

Stay with us for the emerging updates on the life of Jack Quaid!