Jenna Elfman Married Her Longtime Boyfriend And Also Revealed The Secret To Gleeful Life With Husband And Children

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Jenna Elfman Married Her Longtime Boyfriend And Also Revealed The Secret To Gleeful Life With Husband And Children

Very few people get blessed with the power to retain and change their relationship to a marriage. Jenna Elfman falls in those fewer categories who married her long-time boyfriend. The marriage did not only lasted till decades but got showered with ample of happiness.

So without any further do, let’s get hold of the secret for their successful marriage followed by her happy family life.

How Did Love Turn Into A Happy Marriage?

In 18th February 1995, Jenna Elfman married her long-term boyfriend actor, Bodhi Elfman. Though no particular details regarding their marriage got disclosed, the duo met each other while they were auditioning for the Sprite commercial in February 1991 and got married after four years of dating.

Caption: Jenna and Bodhi met during the Sprite audition on 1985, uploaded on Youtube on 2009. 

From the said marriage, Jenna was blessed with her first son, Story Elias on 23rd July 2007 in Los Angeles who weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. Right after two years from their first child and on the occasion of their 15th anniversary Jenna announced her pregnancy news in September 2009 and was blessed with her second son Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, weighing seven lbs., twelve Oz, in Los Angeles, on 2nd March 2010.


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The marriage has survived till date, and while revealing the secret of her happy married life in an interview with a source, she disclosed about maintaining effective communication in a healthy relationship and said:

“We don't have secrets, and we stay real clean with each other if we break an agreement or we do something the other doesn't like, we say so. When all things are known it's amazing how healthy the relationship stays."

Similarly, in a Rachel Ray show on 2014, she confronted about having an open discussion with her husband with a no secrecy between each other.

Currently, she is still married to her man and is working together with him on their podcasts.

After sustaining her marriage life for two decades, Jenna has inevitably become a role model for those celebrities who have failed to maintain their relationship followed by those who wants to get involved but are unable to make the commitment. As Jenna wisely discloses communication to be the key factor for every arising problem one should follow her steps to have a happily married life. 

A Wife, Mother, And An Actress, How Much Is Her Net Worth?

With so much of responsibility on her hand as a woman and mother, Jenna has still managed to contribute towards her acting career and take a handful of other works as entrepreneur and dancer. She has worked in movies like The Six Wives of Henry Lefay, Friends with Benefits and Big Stone Gap followed by her work in the famous television series of Two and a Half Men, Damages, Royal Pains and Growing Up Fisher. With all her dedication she managed to earn total net worth of $16 million. Jenna is also working as an activist for the children welfare and environmental cause followed by several Read Across America program.