Jo Ling Kent From NBC Considers Herself Lucky For Having Scott As Husband! Her Affair Says It All

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Jo Ling Kent From NBC Considers Herself Lucky For Having Scott As Husband! Her Affair Says It All

Life is all about being happy; be it with success you garner in your life or feeling blessed for having that specific person who loves you to the moon and back. The overall prosperity lies in achieving a successful professional career backed up by a partner, who helps you enjoy the happiness and share the bitterness of life together.

Not every person is fortunate enough to find their soul mate at a very young age, but again, exception prevails!

The NBC News correspondent, Jo Ling Kent enjoys a prolific career and a blissful married life; she even considers herself lucky for having very supportive and loving husband! Well, you might be wondering- what's so special about their bond? Read till the end and decide for yourself!

Jo Ling Kent is Lucky In Love!

The beautiful Kent (age 33) has been enjoying a very rapturous married life with her loving husband. She got married to the senior political reporter for The Huffington Post, Scott Conroy at the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, N.H on August 22, 2015. 

Her husband, Conroy is the graduate from Georgetown and is an author of "Sarah From Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar." He is currently the executive producer and co-creator of the new digital series, Embeds.

While enjoying a very blessed affair with her husband; Kent has been flaunting her love life all over the social networking sites. Earlier this year in August, Kent, who was born to parents Shean Yen Janice Kent and David L. Kent, celebrated her two-year-wedding anniversary with boyfriend-turned-husband, Conroy.

She shared a beautiful image from their wedding on Instagram, wishing Conroy a “Happy Wedding Anniversary.”


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The duo undoubtedly is relationship goals, and with their ever growing love, they are reaching for new heights in their relationship!

Kent has already joined the group of celebrities active in sharing their daily life including love life via Instagram. Not only on the anniversary, but she also shared a beautiful image of the pair on the Valentine’s Day of 2017, where Kent can be spotted kissing her man in the picture,


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Every snap they share speaks of their love!


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Kent, whose bio on the wiki sites shows how successful she has been in her career so far, doesn’t need to say how lucky she is for having Scott Conroy as her husband; kent's smile in all the duo's picture makes it evident.

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