John Noble Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend Vicky Pattison Can't Wait To Get Married! Any Signs She'll Be His Wife?

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John Noble Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend Vicky Pattison Can't Wait To Get Married! Any Signs She'll Be His Wife?

Colliding with different people in the journey of our lives isn't any strange; that keeps happening every other day. Out of those many people, we come across only a few, who are compatible regarding sharing a companionship.

Similar is the case of falling in love. Amid the walk that we make on the life track; we can find that “special” person at the get-go. However, it's difficult to hold on to a relationship letting it nurture with time.There are only a few people who are blessed enough to find their soul mate at the young age that too in a single try.

The 'Geordie' star, John Nobel, the love interest of 'I’m A Celeb star,' Vicky Pattison seems to be one of those lucky ones. Today, let's stroll around the life of this aspiring actor!

Blessed with a partner in crime Girlfriend!

No wonder Vicky Pattison is very lucky, as there might be many ladies, who envy her for finding a good looking, lovely and a caring boyfriend. John and Vicky started to flaunt their relationship as they have dated one another for about a year now.

On October 2016, the couple sat in the audience at Fountain Studios in North London, where they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.


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Soon after their relationship came to attention, a source said-

“They used to date in the past and Vicky was obsessed with him.”

Shedding light on their relationship, Vicky revealed,

"I used to go out with him when I was about 20, so we were going out then.

She then added,

"I thought he was very good looking, but a little bit of a t****r, so we broke up, split up amicably, he grew up into a very nice man and then we bumped into each other last year on a train."

Since then, John and Vicky stepped out together for romantic dinner, dates, and lunch.  

Signs of making Vicky his Wife?

The way John and his love interest are flaunting their love; it seems that they will take their relationship to a whole new level soon. Do you know that Vicky believes John, to be her Mr. Right?

Earlier this year in June, Vicky appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show, where she gushed about her partner and revealed that he is her man, not a fan. Twenty-nine-years-old Vicky explained-

“He’s lovely. I struggled with my personal life and finding someone who was supportive of my career and successful in their own right as well. Finally I have that with John. He’s lovely and caring and strong. I’ve finally got a man not a fan."

As Lorraine started praising John too, Vicky stated,

“I think he’ll be thrilled to ribbons that he’s got your seal of approval, Lorraine.”

Caption: Vicky Pattinson on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show, where she talks about her lover and their love life, Published on Jun 21, 2017.

Soon after revealing how perfect John is, Vicky revealed that she is desperate to get married to him and has planned out for their big day. In an interview with 'Heat magazine' in June, Vicky said-

“I've made it a bit obvious, no?”

Vicky continued-

“When I'm drunk, I'll say things like "will you marry us when I'm grown up?" I reckon he'll go the whole nine yards. I want to feel like a princess. There's nothing on the horizon and I would never rush him. I know everyone thinks I'm a little keen, but I'm just happy to shout from the rooftops how much I love John.”

Well, what do you think about this pair? No doubt they look very adorable together, but will they end their affair by getting married? And even if they make it till there, will they be able to keep their marriage away from divorce?

Let's not predict; rather wait and see for ourselves; where will their bond head towards in the days to come.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on John Noble!