Johnny Simmons Ended His Dating Affair With Alleged A-List Girlfriend! Why Did He Do It?

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Johnny Simmons Ended His Dating Affair With Alleged A-List Girlfriend! Why Did He Do It?

Love is the most beautiful emotion; while some romantic relationship survives the odds and emerge stronger as ever, some relationship hits the rocky road followed by a dead end.

An aspiring actor Johnny Simmons was in love with his alleged A-list girlfriend, but things didn't work out, and eventually, the relationship ended. But the curiosity regarding the reason for the split still remains a mystery.

Today, let's have a peek at the love life of Shane Simmons to find the answer!

The Reason Behind Shane Simmons’ Unsuccessful Relationship With The Alleged A-list Girlfriend:

Who wouldn’t love to peek the love life of the celebrities?

Being one of the talented and successful actors, Johnny Simmons too has many fans and followers who would like to know about his relationship status.

In the present context, if we try to dig Simmons’ dating and affair, the only information that we will get is about his alleged affair with the gorgeous "Beauty and the Beast" actress, Emma Watson.

Simmons met Emma on the set of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and eventually fell in love with her.

According to the Dailymail, the pair enjoyed a romantic break in New York in September 2011; further, Emma asked Simmons to come to England as had just joined the Oxford University. However, the pair reportedly broke up when Simmons couldn’t move to England with Emma.

Caption: Johnny Simmons and his alleged girlfriend Emma Watson pictured in Los Angeles in 2011.

Photo Credit: Dailymail

Talking about the relationship of Jhonny and Emma, a source said,

“Emma has been telling people that the relationship is complicated. Johnny has been very distant with her and she’s worried that it’s because he’s overwhelmed by her fame. They’ve not seen each other in a while and they’ve barely spoken. She has invited him to come to Oxford, but he has not accepted the offer yet.”

The insider even shared the worries of Emma Watson as,

“She doesn’t want things to be awkward when they reunite to promote the film, but she’s worried the relationship is over before it even began.”

After a failed relationship with Emma, Simmons hasn’t sparked any romance with any of his co-stars.

Simmons was appreciated for his character of a sex therapist, Dr. Peter Newmans in the American comedy-drama The Late Bloomer (2016). His character was assumed to be gay on-screen since he shows lack of interest in opposite sex, but things changed after a benign tumor was removed from his pituitary gland via surgery.

Caption: Johnny Simmons going shirtless for a basketball scene in The Late Bloomer (Published on October 7, 2016).

Born to parents Cindy and Ben Simmons, Johnny loves his family a lot and loves flaunting them on the social medias. An example of it was seen when he shared a family picture on the occasion of Father's Day on June 18, 2017.

Johnny Simmons has already marked his place in the industry with some of the moving performances. Some of the recent acting credits of Simmons include Transpecos (2016), Dreamland (2016), The Late Bloomer (2016), and Girlboss (2017).

Well, his professional career has blessed him with both popularity and wonderful earnings, which can be observed in his net worth, that dwells around $1 million.