Is Jolene Van Vugt Married? Seems To Be A Little Too Wild For A "Husband" To Handle

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Is Jolene Van Vugt Married? Seems To Be A Little Too Wild For A "Husband" To Handle

The life of a stuntman/stuntwoman is full of risks, as they endure a tremendous amount of risk in their life while doing what they love. Living life on the edge with the risk of death surrounding them with every stunt they perform sometimes makes people hesitate to commit to a relationship.

But is this the same with the life of Canadian stunt woman, Jolene Van Vugt, who is the first CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion and the first woman to backflip a full-sized dirt bike?

Is she single because of her edgy lifestyle or is she a married woman with her husband in the shadows? Let's dig in deep to the bottom of this mystery.

The Mysterious Life of Jolene Van Vugt: Is She Married? Or Still A Single Woman?

Jolene Van Vugt has been performing dangerous stunts and doing great with her career this far. No wonder she is the holder of multiple Guinness World Records and has secured a place as a co-star of many motocross/stunt.

But is her career the roadblock for her in her settling down, getting married and having a husband? Is she only busy in expanding her career as a stuntwoman and is busy developing the figure of her net worth?

Well, that seems to be the case, as she is not that open about her love life and also there are no traces of information about her getting married to anyone. However, there are rumors that she is married to Jim DeChamp.

Jim DeChamp is the star of the hit MTV show "Nitro Circus," where Jolene too made a great name for her.

Caption: Jolene Van Vugt is rumored to be married to Jim DeChamp.

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The rumors might as well be true, as the two were often seen together. They were spotted together when they attended the 2009 VMA awards and this almost ascertained person that they were indeed dating one another.

However, the amazing stuntwoman is yet to confirm these rumors, and that is why there is no basis to reach a major conclusion. Maybe, Jolene is married and is willing to keep her married life far from the eyes of the media and public. Or perhaps, she is just another victim of rumors, which is no big surprise for a public figure.

Let's wait until Jolene comes forth and shares something interesting!

The Risks And Injury Concern Jolene Van Vugt Has Faced In Her Professional Life:

Being a stuntwoman, that too of the caliber of Jolene Van Vugt, you surely are injury prone and also carry a huge risk on your shoulders. Not surprisingly, Jolene has faced several injuries in her life.

Back in September 2015, she almost lost her life when her need for speed got the better of her. 

Speaking of her injuries and the risk she endures, she said,

"I wouldn't want to do anything else,Unfortunately, yes, part of our job does entail injury, some a little bit more extreme than others. This, for me, is one of my worst injuries.

She then concluded,

"I'm addicted to what I do and I love what I do, so I will most definitely be back. The healing time on this is definitely a few months, so I'm just going to take all the time I can to heal up as fast as possible and get back to it."

And if you did not know, as a result of the accident she faced some injuries on her hands and her face. She even required surgery to repair the damage to her eyes.

That shows how much she risks it all to become a successful woman. Despite the risk she undergoes, her career has served her right. Jolene's fearless attitude and grit have helped her accumulate a net worth of $2 million.

Stay with us for the budding updates on Jolene Van Vugt!