Kameron Westcott Wiki: Age, Married Life With Husband, Family, and Must and Know Facts Of The RHOD Newcomer

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Kameron Westcott Wiki: Age, Married Life With Husband, Family, and Must and Know Facts Of The RHOD Newcomer

“Real Housewives of Dallas” is getting back on Bravo with lots of fresh badass blood, and that comes along with a blonde bombshell, Kameron Westcott. The beauty is now hitting the headlines, after all, she appears on the most watched show.

Meanwhile, the burning curiosity of people to know about her doesn’t come as a surprise. So, here we are with some of the facts about the beautiful housewife with the information about the married life in our wiki-like bio.

A Peek Of The Newcomer In The Real Housewives of Dallas!

The blond beauty, Kameron Westcott calls Dallas her home now, but she originally hails from Montecito, California. She left Santa Barbara area after graduating high school and later joined Southern Methodist University to study fine arts, major.

Moving onto Kameron’s personal life, she first met her now-husband, Court Westcott at the very young age of 22 while they both were attending Southern Methodist University.

But it was not that easy for Court to get to the ball in the ring as he proposed her eight times before Kameron agreed on dating him. The very most reason that Kameron was not attracted to her now-husband was the height difference they have. But slowly and steadily, things worked out really well for them. 

After dating, the pair got married, and as we can predict, the wedding must have been a lavish one, as Court is a venture capitalist who has piled up a handsome amount of net worth from the tech investments.

As of now, the couple is celebrating eight years of blissful marriage with two children, a daughter named Hilton 6, and a son Cruise, 3. The two are enjoying marital bliss; which evades even the slightest possibility of a divorce.

The couple has a luxurious lifestyle living in a 7,500 sq-ft home in Dallas. Westcott family lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods, Highland Park. Opening up about the same, the California-bred shared,

“Some [people] don't like [us], 'cause we're from Highland Park and we're judged,”

Talking about the Westcott family, they are one of the most prominent and wealthiest families in Dallas. We can also see them in the city’s charity scene, and  Kameron has a broad social circle too.

On the premiere of the show, Deuber explained,

“Kameron Westcott is a Dallas socialite. It’s what Chris Rock always said: there’s rich people and then there’s the wealthy ones that write the rich people’s checks. The Westcotts are wealthy,”

The socialite is now on the show following another newcomer D’Andra Simmons, who is ready to get fit into the unstoppable dynamic. While many people in Kameron's life suggested her not to do the show, but she admits that she wants “America to see…What Dallas [is] really like.”

Spilling up secrets about the season while describing it in one word “confusing,” the newcomer in the reality show hinted about how the show will be more promising.

Kameron Westcott, who has a beautiful height is also the person whose wardrobe is designed by the designers from all over the world with one thing in common, and that would be the color pink. From wardrobe to her home, she is never enough for “Pink.”

As Kameron believes, "Dumb blond gets noticed. Smart blonde gets everything," she is planning to imply her interest in the business and develop her own line of natural and organic dog food.

Talking about her love for pink, Kameron divulged,

“I've always loved pink. When I moved to Dallas, though, it just enhanced. Everything was just on fire, because Dallas is such a fashion-forward city. The shopping's amazing.”

She also confessed,

“ It’s my way of taking myself out of reality. I mean, with all the horrible things that are happening in our world, I like to live in a bubble. I always say: blonde by birth, pink by choice.”

With the pink-wearing stylish socialite in reality show “The Real Housewives of Dallas,” with no doubts, we can expect shake ups in the show from the franchise’s second season, which airs on Mondays at 10 p.m.

Stay with us for further updates on Kameron Westcott and Real Housewives of Dallas!