Karen Gravano, Mother of Young Sexy Daughter, Used to Date Drita's Husband?

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Karen Gravano, Mother of Young Sexy Daughter, Used to Date Drita's Husband?

Karen Gravano is from famous Gambino crime family since her father was a former boss of Gambino Crime family. But that didn’t stop her being Mob Wives star. Well now let’s talk about her beautiful and sexy daughter.

Sexy Daughter!

We still can’t believe our eyes that Karen Gravano’s young daughter, Karina Seabrook has grown and made herself eligible for high school proms this gorgeous looks nothing like a high school kid anymore. The teenager is all grown up and looked absolutely stunning and sexy on her big night over the weekend.

The Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, posted a picture of her only child sporting a deep red gown featuring a bootie.


Prom szn....finally ended #summer16'

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War on Twitter!

It is no surprise that the Mob Wives Season 6 reunion show featured an intense confrontation between Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo.

Also, it is no surprise that the two women continued to accuse and insult each other on social media as the reunion aired. In one of the tweet, Drita accused Karen of following and stalking her husband, Lee D’Avanzo and that too off the camera.

Drita also made clear why she spoke about Karen's father, Sammy Gravano who is nicknamed "The Bull," the former boss of Gambino Crime family.

Karen, in turn, wasn’t one to hold back, hence took her frustrations out for talking about her father and also blamed Drita of trying to get her kicked off the show. Carla Facciolo also had some harsh words for Drita for threatening to quit the show upon finding out that she had returned.

As the episode was aired, Drita tweeted that Karen followed and stalked Lee off camera. On the past few episodes, Drita also enraged at Karen because she was confident it was Karen who was talking about Lee.

Drita also believed that Karen, who actually dated Lee for several years before his relationship with Drita, was still obsessed and had a soft corner to the heart with him.

Drita also pointed out on Twitter that Karen called Lee a rat on live camera during a conversation with Brittany Fogarty.

Drita even made a bold claim that Karen slept with her ex-boyfriend, although Karen was Lee’s ex.

Drita even mentioned about Karen’s father; she admitted that she did, but pointed out that she did it off camera.

Karen in return posted an unseen footage of Drita mentioning her father.

Married, Husband or Boyfriend?

Karen released a publication entitled “Gang Daughter: The Mafia, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, and me”. Moreover, she also brought in a lot of royalties from publication’s first high sales. Karen was paid handsomely a reported $500,000 for a two-year deal. Karen Gravano also possesses a health spa in Arizona which she opened back in September of 2012.

Therefore she has a net worth as that of $400,000. It is rumored that Karen Gravano from Mob Wives has been dating a man named Storm the relationship is that from 2013. We can pretty sure assume; she is not married, and Storm is surely not her husband.

Karen Gravano's Short Bio:

Karen Gravano is an actress who is known for Mob Wives (2011) and its sequel Mob Wives: The Sit Down (2012) and also Big Morning Buzz Live (2011). She is also a daughter of Sammy Gravano, the former boss of Gambino Crime family.