Kym Whitley Defends Herself On Hollywood Husband, Her Son's Biological Father's Allegation; How True Is She?

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Kym Whitley Defends Herself On Hollywood Husband, Her Son's Biological Father's Allegation; How True Is She?

Frequently surrounded by the controversy actress Kym Whitley has again surfaced in the story regarding her son. The gossip came into existence when her son was alleged to be the biological kid of one of her co-star from the Hollywood industry.

So, to clear the air of underlying rumor, we are looking into the subject matter of biological allegation followed by her present marital status.

Joshua Rumored To Be The Child Of A Hollywood Fame, How True?

On the show, “Raising Whitley” aired on the OWN channel Kym had spoken about Rodney Van Johnson to be a fatherly figure for her son Joshua. The controversy arose when she had stated the man to be the father of her child holding no intimated relationship. When talking to a therapist on the show itself Kym and Rodney shared their side of their stories where both the pair threw a contradicting statement despite living together. As stated by the Kym openly stated about not being a couple, she said:

“We will never be together as a couple.”

While at the mean time, Kym openly declined the statement of having any intimated relationship with Rodney while Rodney threw an incredible declaration.

Caption: Kym Whitley and Rodney Van Johnson open up about their experience of living together in the show "Raising Whitley" (2014). 

Despite the fact, of having few ups and down in their relationship, Kym through her Twitter account shared the most memorable moment with Rodney and her son.

While right after few days on an interview with the "Own" channel Whitley scooped her inside story of remaining friends with Rodney while even acknowledged the man to be the father of the entire village.

 Caption: Kym Whitley speaks about her relationship and conflict with Rodney Jonhson in the show of "Own" channel (2015). 

Likewise, she also spanked the actor to get back to his first wife through her tweets.

In spite of having so much of ups and down in her life, Kym is happily living with her son and enjoying each other's company.


Love that Joshua can open a book and see a reflection of himself in the @happyhairgirls for books

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Back in the year 2011, Kym had adopted her son Joshua when she got an unexpected call from a hospital. The new mother had shared her experience with the and credited her parents for supporting her in the decision. She said:

“The woman on the phone said, We have a baby here for you, and I was like. What?! I didn’t order a baby. I just hadn’t stopped working long enough or found the right man and gotten married— or even realised the years had gone by so quickly. My parents encouraged me to take the leap of faith and become a mommy. Adopting Joshua was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Well, from her given statement one can identify that Rodney Van Johnson is not the biological father of her son, Joshua but only a godfather. With so much of controversies, there were few followers who had started to believe Joshua to be the secretive son of Kym and Rodney.

Despite the fluctuations in her life, Kym managed to stick and work continuously towards her career which allowed her to gather the net worth of $2.5 million which would add an asset to her wealth as she is involved in movie project like the Fist Fight (2017).