Where Is CNN's Lara Baldesarra Now? Is She Married?

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Where Is CNN's Lara Baldesarra Now? Is She Married?

Media personality Lara Baldesarra, whose news and anchoring puts social, political and sports issues in the focal point, has been keeping the details regarding her personal life out of focus. 

After leaving news channel CNN international, Lara hasn't displayed herself in the media which has developed enthusiasm regarding her personal life.

Is she hiding something; perhaps her relationship status? Well, if you are inquisitive to find out where Lara is now and what's her relationship status, we have a big treat for you!

Lara Baldesarra Married Or Busy With Professional Life?

Lara Baldesarra, who joined news channel CNN in November 2013 as an anchor of World Sport, remains secretive regarding her personal life. Similarly, she seems to have resigned from CNN though there is no any official statement or accountment for the cause of her resignation.

After getting off from CNN, 32-year-old Lara is not active in any social networking sites which have landed various speculations about her personal life. Lara, who doesn't flaunt her relationship status in media, is likely dating someone and having an excursion with a boyfriend.

Conversely, she might also be staying in a husband-wife relationship after exiting from CNN. However, her relationship status and marital status remains unclear as she drifts miles away when it comes to opening about her personal life.

Undoubtedly, Lara is hiding her personal life from the eye of media. However, the case was not same while considering her professional life; she comes up publicly about it.

During her initial phase at CNN, she affirmed:

“I’m passionate about sports and journalism, so I could not be more excited about joining an organization that values and excels in both of these things. CNN is a world-class operation, and I look forward to hitting the ground running.”

When Lara joined CNN as an anchor of World Sport, Senior Vice President of Sports Programming and Development for CNN, Bill Galvin applauded Lara's talent in behave of whole CNN team. He stated,

“We’re thrilled with Lara’s addition to CNN’s global sports operation. Her expertise as a leading voice in the sports world aligns perfectly with CNN’s commitment to providing a thoughtful perspective across a broad range of news and events.”

Lara was recruited by CNN international to anchor world sport in order to contribute to sports-related event coverage across all CNN platforms. She also did commentary on the flagship sports news program on CNN International.

Lara Baldesarra anchoring world sports at CNN (Photo: alchetron.com)

Before CNN, Lara was best known for her anchoring Golf Central in Golf Channel. Furthermore, she also hosted a weekly interview show, Grey Goose 19th Hole. Moreover, she got work experience at Fox Soccer Channel as well, where she anchored the network’s flagship nightly news and highlights show.

As Lara knew all sort of the sports from her childhood, she worked at Canada’s national sports network, covering the news of several sports like soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, American football, Formula 1 and boxing. Initially, she started the broadcasting career by taking various roles in tv and radio including analysis and commentary for Canadian Soccer League broadcasts.

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