Lennie James Of Walking Dead Hated Season 7! Reveals He Missed Family In An Interview

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Lennie James Of Walking Dead Hated Season 7! Reveals He Missed Family In An Interview

An American television series, 'The Walking Dead' being the third most watched show on television, doesn't require being introduced to. It has a rigorous fandom, and the only thing people hate about the show is the death of their favorite characters.

On the contrary is the cast of the series himself. Lennie James, who plays Morgans' character, was found stating that he hated the season 7 of the AMC series. What could the reason for the hatred? Let's see through.

Lennie James, On hating season 7 of the "The Walking Dead."

Based on a Zombie Apocolypse, the story of the show is plotted flamboyantly, and the shoot happens in various locations. It's difficult for the actors to make things look real on camera.

Similar was the season 7, which gave lots of cast members a tough time, filming it.

Lennie made his guest appearance on the show in the very first episode of the series and was featured again in the 3rd and 5th season, finally making it as the main cast in the season six.

The viewers were glad to have him back on the show,

Caption: Lennie talks about his comeback in the series (Published on Oct 11, 2015).

Having worked alongside Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and other actors on the sets in the 6th season, James got united with only a few of them when the season 7 returned. It was then; when he started disliking the very season which he explained as,

"I swear to God, it was horrible... and it was the same for everybody, This season, everybody's had more time off than they have ever, ever had... but it was horrible. I hated it."

James added,

"You just didn't see anybody - because we film The Kingdom in a completely different area where they were filming either Alexandria or Hilltop or where the Saviours were... no-one was close to each other, There was one point where I had three episodes off and I'm like, 'I'm just gonna go and see my kids, what am I doing in Atlanta for that amount of time?' So, I would leave town and that was exactly what everybody else was doing. No-one was around, I didn't see Andy [Lincoln] for six weeks and in the end, when I saw him, we were both on a plane back to London to see our families. You just didn't see your mates!"

As a matter of truth, he got so pissed that he even confronted the boss,

"I said to [showrunner] Scott [Gimple], 'I see what you're doing, I really respect you, but don't ever do this to me again, 'cause I hate it!' - I just didn't see people, and then there's whole bunches of people at the wrap party that you've never met, It's like, 'Who are you? I don't know you! Where's my mates?' - it was horrible. I hated it."

Being kept away from the other cast members was what annoyed him the most, and meanwhile, he missed his family as well. Despite hating things that happened on sets of season 7, Lennie talked about how brutal and brilliant was its premier during an interview,

Caption: Lennie James speaks of the season 7 premier (Published on Oct 31, 2016).

A Sneak Peek Into Lennie James' Personal Life:

Born to Afro-Trinidadian parents on October 11, 1965, in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK, Lennie spent eight years of his childhood in a foster care with his brother, after the sad demise of his mother, when he was just ten years old.

He admits his mom was his inspiration as evident in his statement that says,

"My greatest inspiration is my mum. She was a dynamic personality and is my touchstone for everything I do – even now. At all times her voice is there with me."

With the inspiration he gained from his mother; he has been able to pave his path to success. Although he aspired to be a Rugby player during his teenage, he ended up trying his hands on acting, which surprisingly turned to be bliss.

He has acted in over 20 Films like Snatch, 24 Hour Party People, and lockout. James has also made a significant impact in the Television industry. With all the hard work he has vested in his career, he is awarded a hefty amount in return, that sums up to his net worth of $4 million.

Lennie currently lives in L.A California with his family that includes his long-time partner Giselle Glasman and their three daughters; Romy James(born in 1990) and twins Celine and Georgia James(born in 1994).

Dad James loves his daughters very much and even did their braids when they were growing up. He explained,

"You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at hairdressing. I have three daughters who are now teenagers, but when they were growing up I did the whole lot: washing, moisturising, plaiting in different styles – bespoke, of course. I can do braids, extensions, cane-row, zig-zags ... shall I go on?"

Despite being together for a long time now, Lennie is yet to get married to Giselle and make her his wife.

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