Mad Money host Jim Cramer Net Worth of around $100 Million and Salary? Struggling to Boost underperforming Portfolio

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Mad Money host Jim Cramer Net Worth of around $100 Million and Salary? Struggling to Boost underperforming Portfolio

Every time the stock picker’s choice won’t be a better one, due to which, there was a business controversy. He is a stock picker, earns millions of salary and enjoys the net worth through his own business. Hosting program ‘Mad money’ to writing a book ‘how to get rich carefully’, this smart businessman has truly inspiring stories.

Jim Cramer is a famous host of Mad money, co-founder of The Street, bestselling author, Co-portfolio manager at Action Alerts PLUS Charitable Trust and a former hedge fund manager. Cramer started a business before graduating Howard Law School. He persuaded Martin Perutz to invest him $500K, which raised his stock a successful result. On March 2005, CNBC started casting ‘Mad Money’, an American finance TV program, hosted by Jim Cramer.  The program was focused mainly investment in trading stocks. Whoever watched the show, they might know Cramer was a very smart man.

After he discovered his passion for the stock market, it led his study for hours and started his own hedge fund after Goldman Sachs eventually handed him a job due to his overwhelming stock skills. Cramer became so genius at stock-picking that he had only one negative year during his whole career (1998-2000), with 24% average annual return. He gained the salary of more than $10 million each year regularly, which was huge personal earnings after he parlayed his own hedge fund.

Caption: Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link Tell Investors How to 'Get Rich Carefully

Above video might be helpful for you especially if you are an investor. On 2014, Jim carter and Stephanie Link sat down at 92nd Street Y, NY, and discussed the Jim’s released book called ‘Get Rich Carefully’.

In 2015, Jim Cramer’s net worth was about $100 millions. Investors need to learn about Cramer’s successful business.

However, Carner’s stock picking showed the negative results since the companies such as Allergan PLC (AGN), (+0.09%) has fallen to 28% past one year, as it was the 2nd highest(weight:4.57%) in a list of portfolio companies. The small-cap holding company ‘Panera Bread Co. (PNRA), (+1.39%), which has a market capital of $5 billion.

A study done by the researchers at Wharton school at the university of the Pennsylvania include in their report.

We also find over the portfolio’s entire history that Cramer’s AAP portfolio exposures are primarily driven by undelivered exposure to market returns (MKT-Rf) in every Specification, which has heavily contributed to underperforming the S&P 500 in post-financial crisis years. In other specifications, we find evidence of a tilt toward small cap stocks, growth Stocks, and stocks with low quality of earnings. Also, when controlling for various factors in various specifications, the negative alpha (intercept) from the regression no longer becomes statistically significant.

He struggled hard for boosting up the underperforming portfolio. His charitable trust made a successful market performance.                                                        

Citigroup Group (C) group is a fixed financial institution that seemed to work. The company’s performance was declined below the zero line 2 months ago.                                             

Carter’s Charitable has owned the TMO (Thermo fisher scientific, Inc.), which is an American multinational development company. It provides the laboratory equipment’s, services & chemicals needed for healthcare, scientific research & safety and education.

What we can learn from Jim Cramer’s story is that Formal training is not needed to earn money in the stock market, all we need is a passion for learning. Although We Would never be in Jim Cramer’s position, but, Stepping on stock market surely takes us to bright business life.