Matt Graham's Life Too Raw and Risky For Him to Get Married and Have a Family With Wife? His Wiki Says It All

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Matt Graham's Life Too Raw and Risky For Him to Get Married and Have a Family With Wife? His Wiki Says It All

Discovery's Dual Survival is a show that has been a blockbuster ever since the show first started. The individual, who is one of the reasons for the show sitting atop the summit, is Matt Graham, who replaced skills specialist Cody Lundin after he got fired from the show.

Ever since Graham took over the reigns, he has been nothing less than spectacular in exploring ways to survive in the wild.

But is this lifestyle of him the reason why he is not married? Is the raw and risky lifestyle of this man the reason behind him not settling down in life with a wife and a family? Let us find that out in a short wiki of him!

What Might Be The Reason Behind Matt Not Being Married?

Matt Graham and Joe Teti are the ones who defined the show "Dual Survival" and took them to new heights. Matt is the Stone Age "shaman" of this astounding duo and has an experience of living off the land for about 20 years. Matt ventured for a walk one day and wound up spending half years of time all alone in nature. 

Matt began marching down this way at age 15 when he initially turned into a long distance runner and shook climber. At the age of 23, Matt demonstrated his stunning athletic continuance as a sprinter, when he ran the Pacific Crest Trail - 1,700 miles crossing the length of the California peak - in just 58 days.

That is the kind of skills this man has.

Matt is a world class ace of the atlatl and began contending three years back against title holders. He's likewise gifted at chasing with the long bow and in the primitive specialty of brain tanning hides to make attire. He has received the training of Judo, Tae Kwan Do, Wushu Kung fu, and Jeet Kune Do.

He and his military trained partner Joe are surely a formidable duo. 

Caption: Matt Graham Starts a Fire in Record Time And Outdoes Himself.

Published on Apr 22, 2015.

But is this rough and risky life the reason for him not settling down in his life? Is this why he is not married and has a wife or has he begun a family of his own? 

Well, that might as well be the case, as he has not revealed anything about him tying the knot with anyone and has also not disclosed any details about him having a family of his own. 

Let us hope that this daredevil who lives his life on the edge of the knife enlightens us about his personal life soon!

Leaving The Show!

Back in early 2016, the duo left the show, and with that, they left the hearts of plenty shattered, as the fans were totally in love with the work they did on the show.

Teti and his former co-host Matt were removed from the show without much publicity. In a Facebook Q/A, Teti addressed as to why they were no longer a part of the show.

Joe said,

Guys, its no secret, Matt and I are no longer on the show. Its TV…people come and go. Here today gone tomorrow. I had a great run, great time, and have great memories. I shot more episodes than anyone that has been on Dual. Thats a home run in my book. Support these new studs like you supported me. Im sure they will do a great job and show us some new tricks. Moving on to bigger and better things.  smile emoticon There are WAY WAY more important things going one right now than a TV show. Dont you agree?

Joe then continued,

I have the upmost respect for Matt. He is a rare breed of humanity that is at peace with himself and his life. I can count on one hand how many people I have met that fall into that catagory. I wish him all the best that this life offers. No matter what he does, he will be successful. I learned a tremendous amount from him. I carried a notebook around with me while I was shooting Dual. I have over 100 pages of notes and tips from Matt. Great stuff.  

Also, supporting the then new hosts, he said,

Give these new guys a chance. It is a VERY demanding show to make. Besides the nerves of being infront of a camera, bouncing from one corner of the plantet to the next, from heat to cold to dry to wet, having to perform at a high level, wet, tired, hungry, sick, bad headaches, nausea, diareaha, etc…etc….etc……makes it even more challenging. They will find their grove and do fine. Trust me. My first episode with Cody was a disaster. I think they only showed it a few times in reruns. If you need a good laugh…watch it. I was blessed to have learned from 2 of the best survival guys that walk this planet, Cody and Matt. These guys have forgetten more about survival than I will ever know. It took my personal skill sets on survival to a level I thought I would never have. I still like to have a lighter on me though!

As per some reports, Teti killed a dog on the show, which was one of the reasons why things went downhill for them. This speculation is only a report, and no truth has come forth about it.

Moreover, there is no news of him joining a new show after his departure from "Dual Survival." 

Regardless, this daredevil, who is in his mid-40s in age, has been a part of several shows like "Dude, You're Screwed," "Desafio em dose dupla" and many others.

His works have helped him establish a great name in his career, and apart from earning name and respect, he has also been enjoying a stable financial life. However, the man is yet to disclose any official statement on the exact figure of his net worth. 

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Matt Graham!