Is Matt Moneymaker Hiding His Married Life And Wife Behind Adventurous Career?

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Is Matt Moneymaker Hiding His Married Life And Wife Behind Adventurous Career?

In the materialistic world, just a few are interested in the wilderness and loves to be in the woods with mother nature.

A name which can never be removed from the wilderness lovers history is of Steve Irwin. But sadly Steve is no more with us after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb, while filming an underwater documentary film titled Ocean's Deadliest.

However, today we are here with another person, who has also secured a place on the list of a wild lover. And it’s none other than the host of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” host Matt Moneymaker.

The TV star has been in the limelight with the craziest yet adventurous idea of finding the simian-like creature. That has helped the star to make an army of followers, and with that, the interest of his fans in the personal life of Matt Moneymaker comes as no surprise.

Let’s get to know if he enjoys married life with a wife, along with some additional details from the life of this TV Personality.

Has A Married Life To Share With A Wife?

Matt Moneymaker caught the eye of many after he appeared on the Animal Planet’s show “Finding Bigfoot.” The show searches for the wild character ‘Bigfoot,’ and that has been presented on the show interestingly.

Along with the impressive way that Matt Moneymaker holds in the show, the same curiosity can be found in his personal life among the viewers. There are a handful of people, who are very eager to know about the adventurous man; whether he is a married man or remains single till this date.

Well, many speculations have been made about the private life of middle aged Matt Moneymaker. As per social media post below, one of the cast member of “Finding Bigfoot,” Ranae Holland is said to be the wife of the TV personality. 

As the facts regarding the life of the Matt Moneymaker is concerned, the TV presenter hasn’t bothered much to share much about his family so far.

However, Ranae Holland, who is represented as the wife of Matt; belongs to lesbian orientation, which is evident that the entire story is just a hoax. 

Know More About Matt Moneymaker:

Born on September 2, 1965, Matt Moneymaker got his interest in Bigfoot after he watched the 1970’s documentary “The Legend of Bigfoot.” As his name is unique in its self, Matt Moneymaker is somewhat not taken as his real name.  

But as his father's name is Richard Moneymaker as well, it is authentic to say that Matt Moneymaker is indeed his real name.

Moving into his professional life, while attending UCLA in the 80s, Matt began his corresponding with other Bigfoot researchers in U.S and Canada.

In the mid-90s he got connected with other Bigfoot researchers on the nascent WWW and formed the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Later, he also launched the web site for the BFRO and started investigating and publishing eyewitness reports on the internet.

Caption: Matt Moneymaker returns back to the site of his first Bigfoot encounter. (Published on Jan 16, 2015)

Matt then organized the first big expedition for the group in Skookum Meadows, Washington in 2000 and later went on to co-produce a few television projects subjecting Bigfoot.

As of now, the TV personality does field expeditions in different parts of the country. Moreover, he is also famous as the first person to introduce sound blasting and howling as a technique for locating Bigfoots.

Despite being a successful personality, the salary he receives and the net worth he has accumulated remains under the wraps, but with no doubts, it dwells somewhere in the millions.