Max Lloyd-Jones Is Dating And Has A Girlfriend! Has Any Thoughts To Get Married?

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Max Lloyd-Jones Is Dating And Has A Girlfriend! Has Any Thoughts To Get Married?

What is the next big step in a dating relationship? Getting married!

When you are dating somebody and are serious about it, you get busy imagining and making plans on enhancing the relationship through marriage.

So, is this what "Sandlot 2" star Max Lloyd-Jones has on his minds; now that he is dating and has a girlfriend? Have they spared a thought about getting married? What do the star actor and his girlfriend have in stores, regarding their love relationship? Let us find out!

Max Lloyd-Jones Has A Girlfriend: Ready To Make Her His Wife Getting Married?

This news might come forth, a bit misleading for you but it can be seen that; Max Lloyd-Jones has a girlfriend. If you follow him on Instagram, you shall be able to see him with a girl on Valentine's Day this year. That is some giveaway, right?

'Spending Valentine's day with a girl.'


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The girl in the post is actress and author Abbie Cobb, who also happens to be his "Boy In The Attic" co-star. 

The two have not officially spoken about the nature of their connection, but judging by the looks, they could well be dating.

However, if their dating relationship holds true, the fans are also excited to know, if they have any marriage plans and are equally eager to know as to when the two could be sharing a husband-wife relationship with one another.

But we might need to wait for them to affirm anything as of yet and thus, till then, patience shall help our cause.

However, he has been involved in several other romantic relationships in the past.

He and his "The Sandlot 2" co-star Samantha Burton dated for a year in 2005 until 2006. However, they did not reveal anything about the making and breaking of the relationship between them.

Caption: Max Lloyd-Jones and Samantha Burton dated one another for a year.

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Moreover, he was in a dating relationship with Cheyenne Kimball, an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and mandolinist, who he dated from 2006 till 2008.

But sadly, they split without making anything public, like the relationship between Max and Samantha.

From what the past beholds, it is clear that he has an interest in women and not men, fending off the gay rumors that often surround the celebrities.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Max Lloyd-Jones.

Born on February 26, 1991, in the capital of England, Max Lloyd-Jones is an English actor, who is well renowned for his role on the famous TV series "Switched at Birth," where he portrayed the role of Noah. His other notable roles came in movies like "Sandlot 2" and "Flicka."

Here you can check Max's bit in 'Switched at Birth.'

Caption: A short clip of Max Lloyd's performance in 'Switched at Birth' Published on Jan 26, 2013.

His birth name is Maxmillian Edward Lloyd-Jones, which was kept by his parents, who are yet to be brought in the spotlight.

Moreover, if you are a fan of him, you might know that he has got a fascinating project lined up, in the form of his upcoming movie; "War of the Planets of the Apes" alongside Gabriel Chavarria.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Max Lloyd-Jones!