Mehmet Oz With Family! How He Met Wife And Got Married - "Fascinating" Story

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Mehmet Oz With Family! How He Met Wife And Got Married - "Fascinating" Story

The cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz came to the limelight due to his solo TV show Dr. Oz where he discusses viewers' health-and-wellness concerns. The health expert accumulated a huge fan following due to his advice regarding health issues and also for his love filed married life with his beautiful wife, Lisa Oz who co-hosts Mehmet's television program.

If you are one of the followers of this expert, who is willing to know about his marriage story and personal life, follow us as we are sharing the story of his love life with you. 

Mehmet Oz's Personal Life

Turkish-American Dr. Mehmet Oz, who stands at the height of 1.83 m ( 6 feet 7 inches), talked about how he met his wife, Lisa Oz and also revealed how their love flourished during the interview with the WPBF 25 news back in September 2011. It's fascinating to know that the couple was introduced to each other by thier fathers.

Meeting my wife is a fascinating story. My father-in-law was a very good friend with my father. and I was going in a medical school in Philaldelphia and they decided to get together.So they invited each of us along as a blind date.

Mehmet also revealed that he fell in love with Lisa at the very first time he met her, and afterward, they dated secretly without letting his father know. 

I immediately fell in love with her. I just loved everything about how she spoke about life, I find her very attractive, I didn’t want my dad to know because I didn't want him to have the satisfaction of believing his son end up with his future wife, so we dated secretly for a while.

Mehmet added that he finally opened about his love life with his father and even got a positive response from him. 

Then finally one day he (father) was giving me a hard time as he often is probably doing, and I said  dad I am dating somebody and it’s the girl you introduce me to. So, for the few times in my life, I remember him being quiet. He just recognized that I had done some thing correct.

Mehmet later married Lisa on 29th July 1985. The couple together has four children; Daphne Oz, Oliver Mustafa Oz, Zoe Yasemin Oz and Arabella Sezen Oz and are already grandparents. The eldest daughter Daphne also appears in her father's show and shares a beautiful bond with her family and siblings. Like his daughter, Mehmet also has two sisters namely Seval Oz and Nazlim Oz in the name of siblings.

The bond between Mehmet and his wife Lisa seems to have been fortifying with each passing days. Interestingly, the adviser on health issues even offered some tips and guided his followers on how to maintain a happy marital relationship on the occasion of their 30th anniversary. 

Also, Mehmet quoted out that marrying Lisa was one of the best decision of his life and shared some essential tips while sharing a photo, on their three decades of marital union via Facebook. 

Over the past week, there has been lots of talk about marriage. 30 years ago today, I married Lisa - it was the best decision that I've ever made. Many people have asked my advice for long and happy relationships and I offer the insight that we have to "re-create" our marriage every 7 years.

The hormonal handcuffs of love will attach couples at the hips initially after marriage, but these can wear off and it is imperative that you re-imagine your union to keep it healthy. Otherwise, you can grow apart, as each member feels that they already know everything that the other has to offer, and stagnation sets in; this seems to apply to friendships and jobs as well.

Mehmet Oz gets into wedlock with Lisa on 29th July 1985 (Photo: Mehmet Oz's Facebook)

Moreover, Mehmet doesn't hesitate to share his affection for his wife. On the occasion of their 31st anniversary, Mehmet wished his wife via Instagram with as a message. 

Happy anniversary to my amazing wife @lisaoz! 31 years ago, I made the best decision of my life. Remember that love always perseveres and will eclipse the hate that some spew into our society.

Well, Mehmet and Lisa are indeed marriage goals, and the two have together build a beautiful family. Mehmet besides spending quality time with his wife and children is busy working out on his career as a host of his show,  Dr. Oz Show. With his appearances in various shows, Mehmet has accumulated a total estimated net worth of $14 million.