Miguel Almaguer Taking Career To Next Level; Too Busy To Get Married Or Is He A Gay Man?

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Miguel Almaguer Taking Career To Next Level; Too Busy To Get Married Or Is He A Gay Man?

A person values his career immensely, as that is how the person can make a proper name for himself. Today we talk about NBC journalist Miguel Almaguer, who has been entirely fledged with his career but has not hinted that much on himself settling down.

Is that because he thinks the time is right for his career and not his marriage, or he is not married as he belongs to the gay side? Let's dig in to find the truth.

Miguel Almaguer Still Unmarried: Busy With Career Or Belongs to the Gay Side?

Miguel is the man who is yet to marry and maybe, his career is what is the reason behind it.

When it comes to his career, Miguel has done things that one can only imagine. Famously, back in 2015, he, after renewing his contract in 2014, reported live for Wednesday’s “Nightly News” from the top of El Capitan and because of that very feat, he is the first person to ever broadcast live from the summit.

Surely it was no easy live shot to pull off. His Twitter posts show how good his work was.

An NBC Newser then said,

“Whenever you watch a Miguel piece, there will always be something unique,” 

That is the sort of impact he has made with his work and dedication.  Also, he has not backed down from taking significant risks in his life, and an example of that was seen when he had to be rescued by few firefighters after Miguel became stuck in some dangerous waist-high mud in Azusa, CA.

He lost his boots in the incident, and a fire captain said,

“He’s probably never going to see those boots again,”

Caption: Miguel is trapped in the thigh-high mud in California, March 2014.

Video Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Having done such kinds of stuff in his career, there is no denying his love and dedication for his job, and maybe, that is why he feels that the time is not right for him to get settled, get married and have a wife. 

But what his silence when it comes to him having a girlfriend or about his plans for marriage has prompted people to assume that he is a gay. However, the man is yet to speak out on this, and he has not been specific and open about his sexuality which is why no major conclusion could be reached at the moment.

Let us wait and see if he reveals anything about his sexuality and of course, his plans to tie the holy knot!

Furthermore, he has socially been open about his relationship with his nephews as he has often posted his nephews' pictures over on Instagram.


Great ending to terrific weekend!

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He does seem to have plenty of love for his little nephews.


Next generation of Almaguer's ready! ???????? #nephews

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Such a great person, be it professionally or personally!

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