Miss Universe Canada 2016 Winner Siera Bearchell: 5 Facts About Her Including Her Height, Weight, Parents And A Full Bio

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Miss Universe Canada 2016 Winner Siera Bearchell: 5 Facts About Her Including Her Height, Weight, Parents And A Full Bio

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say, and there are instances where people have different definition and choice in regards to the term beauty. But one cannot disagree with the fact that Miss Universe Canada 2016, Siera Bearchell, is beautiful inside out.

She is as determined as one can be and equally passionate about the things she does. Today we will help you all, know her a little more by providing you five facts you don't want to miss, about her.

1) Beauty, With A Purpose:

It's not just the outer beauty that she flaunts with poise, she owns an equally beautiful heart. Siera aspires to be one of the reasons, leading to inspire, empower and change the lives of people around the globe.

She has vested countless hours of her life volunteering for organizations like Free The Children, Canadian Red Cross, and Ronald McDonald House Saskatchewan. 

Talking about the voluntary work, she described,

"I have made speeches on disaster preparedness and disaster relief and engaged in other Red Cross volunteer initiatives.  I was also the recipient of the Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award."

She also organized a Relay for Life Team for raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

In this self-centered world, there are very few people who think about other lives, and that's what makes her different from all other people.

2) Made It To The Top 9 Of Miss Universe 2016:

After being crowned Miss Universe Canada in 2016, she represented Canada in 'Miss Universe' Pagent. With her confident personality and all other beautiful attributes, she was able to surpass 77 other contestants making her way till top 9.

Competing with the beauties from around the world, after ten years of time, she was the one to have secured her place till top 9 at Miss Universe 2016; which was the first time since 2006 that Canada got placed that high in the contest. You can check some glimpse from the event here,

Caption: Siera's journey in Miss Universe 2016 held on January 2017 (Published on Feb 8, 2017).

3) The Media Body-shamed Her!

It is facile to pass an opinion on something or somebody; people don't care enough to think through the consequences that their baseless opinion might have on somebody.

Siera also had to bear all those trolls, when the media was flooded with the hate comments on Siera for being 'Bigger' than the other contestants.

A picture from the Bikini round of Miss Universe 2016 got circulated, and the haters started bringing their foul mouth forth, body shaming her for her weight issues.

However, she isn't somebody to stay quiet on a matter like such. She spoke for herself as well as all other people who have had the similar issues and slammed the haters with an Instagram post that read,

"This physical body is NOT an indication of health-including physical and mental health. To call me lazy is an insult. To say I was healthier when I was more lean is ignorant. To define me by my body demonstrates the inadequacy of our society. I'm not saying these things just for the judgment directed at me personally. I'm saying them for every woman who has ever questioned her self-worth because of her physical being. We are not defined by our appearance. When we think about the people we love, we think about their character, their humour, their intelligence, their wit, their generosity, their kindness and humility.... we don't define our friends and family solely on their appearance. So please inform me why it's okay to belittle those we don't even know based only on what is seen on the outside?"


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She also took it to Instagram addressing how she was conscious for losing weight,


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4) A Desire Of Excelling In The Business World:

Siera, who is currently studying at the University of Saskatchewan on a full scholarship and having her eye on the business world; has the attributes of being a leader.

Justifying what she is comprised of, Siera once became the President of a Junior Achievement Company, which later became Company of the Year in Saskatchewan and later, Company of the Year in Canada.

Siera was also named the top salesperson for contributing to the company’s sales of over $15,000 in just three months. Eventually, she was named Junior Achiever of the Year and won the nation-wide Deloitte Inspiration Award and the Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award. 

 Moreover, while asked in an interview, "where do you see yourself in 10 years time?" She instantly replied,

"In 10 years I hope to be a successful business woman/entrepreneur owning my own businesses."

Apart from that, she added,

 "I have an entrepreneurial spirit and would take great pride in owning businesses in the future.  Who knows, maybe one day I could be on Dragon’s Den!"

Hopefully, she achieves all that she desires!

5) Siera Bearchell's Wiki-like Bio:

A Canadian entrepreneur and beauty pageant title holder, Siera, who stands tall at the height of 5'8'', was born on February 15, 1993, in Moose Jaw, Canada. Her personal life is as enticing as her professional life.

She has supportive parents, without whom she wouldn't have been as successful as she is now. Like every one of us, she is also very close to her Mother and Grandmother,

She shared an Instagram post mentioning, they have been her inspiration,


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Siera is also blessed with boyfriend Emmett Harrison, who loves her and is the most influential person in Siera's life, apart from her parents. She likes playing golf and is most fond of cheering her younger brother when he competes playing golf at the international level.


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Amid all the good things her life revolves around, you might not be aware of the fact that she lost her home to a house fire In 2009.

She expressed,

"In 2009, a devastating fire took our family home and many belongings.  It was an unfortunate event, but it truly changed my life and my perspective on life.  I learned that materialistic belongings in our lives are almost meaningless compared to the relationships that we share with our friends and family.  As well, I discovered the strengths that communities can have when they come together to support a family or an individual.  I also learned that no matter where you come from or your family circumstances, if you work hard at something, and you are optimistic, anything is possible."

Hopefully, you guys can be inspired by her experiences in life and what she has to offer to this world.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Siera Bearchell!