Mixed Ethnicity Actor Joe Dinicol: Is He Dating Someone? Girlfriend or Is He Gay?

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Mixed Ethnicity Actor Joe Dinicol: Is He Dating Someone? Girlfriend or Is He Gay?

How many times have we known that a person, a celebrity is accused of being sexually gay just because there is no record of his dating affairs in the media? If an actor is not known for having any girlfriend or issues with another woman, he is put in the gaydar without further questions.

Often these accusations have been called upon or addressed wrong by the person himself. But sometimes, the answers do not come out which leaves the public in two confusions; does he not think it necessary to say that he is not gay? Or is he gay and trying to acknowledge the fact without saying anything.

Mixed Ethnicity-Actor Joe Dinicol:

Actor, Joe Dinicol is known for his charismatic style of acting, his versatility as well as his consistency in performing; whether it is theater, movies or in TV shows. A Canadian-born actor, he has got a mixed ethnicity on his mother’s (Emma Neville) part as her father was John Neville, the famous British actor.

Joe’s father Keith Dinicol was himself an actor as well as an acting coach, and his family has always been Canadian.

Despite the diversity in his origin, Joe had one thing that was common in both parts of his parents, that he was born in a house of performers and there was no doubt that he’d turn out to be otherwise. Joe started acting from the stage since 1997 and has had a fantastic run of career for almost 20 years now, which is expected to continue further.

Is he Dating Someone? Girlfriend?

For some it is a burden, and for some, it is a boon, but being a celebrity you can;t help it that people are so interested in your personal affairs and love life that it is at times, frustrating.

It is the same with Joe, about whom there are serious questions regarding his sexual orientation after he has failed to provide any information on his love life or dating affairs. He hinted towards the fact that he hasn;t had a girlfriend in his life, or maybe she isn't with him anymore.

Despite Joe being spotted with his on-screen partner Ashley Leggat,@AshleyLeggat from Life With Derek on a couple of occasions, it would not be right to say that these two have something going on.

There are no proofs of either Joe or Ashley being lovers as they have only had professional connections so far. Besides, Ashely herself is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jeremy Williams. So it seems like Dinicol has some work to do to regarding his love life.

Short Bio of On Joe:

Joe Dinicol was born on the 22nd of December 1983 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada as a son to parents Emma (née Neville) and Keith Dinicol who were also involved in the field of professional acting. Joe is also the grandson of John Neville, the star of the movies 'The 5th Element', 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen ' and 'The X-files (1998).'

As a result, he was motivated from an early age to choose the same profession and unsurprisingly, he started to show signs of interest as well as in a talent business.

His first work as a professional actor came in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, during the mid-90s after which he started to appear on TV with his first role coming in Elvis Meets Nixon (1997) and he has been in the spotlight ever since.

His work in the historical romance movie Passchendaele which speaks of the events of the World War I battle of Passchendaele was regarded as 'simply marvelous, ' and he has since worked in various tv series and movies including but not limited to Grey's Anatomy, Arrow, Life with Derek, the L.A. complex and Blindspot. 

He has recently finished his role as Rory Regan on the Tv-series Arrow and has taken a leave from the show since. Currently, It seems he's looking for another role to fulfill.

On an entirely different note, he has confessed that he has worked as a waiter before on restaurants such as Toronto's Gladstone Hotel and Mildred's Temple Kitchen. He talked about how a large portion of the cast of ' Servitude' (a comedy show about Waiters and servers) had experience in waiting and was quoted saying,

"It's really the only thing we're qualified to do other than acting, if we're at all qualified to do that in the first place. It brought up a lot of stories and memories and creativity because we all had ideas about what to put in. If someone had an idea, we tried it. If it worked, great. If not, no one was too precious about it. "

He also commented on how he felt about his work as a waiter and his experience in the business saying,

I actually quite liked it. On a good day you get to talk to people and charm them and entertain them, satiate them and bring them food. On a good day it can be a very, very good job. Unfortunately, some people go to a restaurant and they aren't really there to enjoy themselves. They're there because they think they deserve to be there or because they can just afford it.

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