Nancy Putkoski: Divorced Her Husband of 20 Years, What Might Be The Reasons?

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Nancy Putkoski: Divorced Her Husband of 20 Years, What Might Be The Reasons?

Quick Fact Check

  • Nationality American
  • Birth Place United States
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Children/Kids Not Yet
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Divorce/Split Yes (One)
  • Ex-Husband Anthony Bourdain(1985–2005)
  • Education Vassar College
  • Height/ How Tall? N/A
  • Weight 60 Kg
  • Hair Short
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eye Color Black

As the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven. 

Being the spouse of celebrity, it is hard to keep the married life intact despite the bond couple shared. 

Nancy Putkoski resembles the same scenario as she was married to the famous chef, Anthony Bourdain. She turned her high school sweetheart into her husband and took her married for 20 long years. 

However, despite their long marriage, the relationship ended eventually and the tragedy just kept on coming after her ex-husband killed himself in June 2018. 

Married High School Sweetheart; Divorce After 20 Years Of Married Life

Nancy Putkoski sparked her love life in her college days. She first met the famous chef, Anthony Bourdain in high school, where Putkoski was the “bad girl” and was part of the “druggy crowd.” Talking to on February 2012, Anthony recalled the moment saying,

"At high school I fell in with your typical bad crowd but I also fell in love with Nancy Putkoski. She was a bad girl, older than me, part of a druggy crowd, and I was smitten."

Nancy's then-boyfriend even followed her to her college so that he could be with her. Anthony revealed in the same interview remarking, 

"I graduated a year early so I could follow her to Vassar College [in upstate New York]. Up until that point Vassar had been an elite university for women, but they had just started admitting men and so when I arrived at 17, I found myself a rarity."

Nancy Putkoski was married to Anthony Bourdain, who is one of the most acclaimed chefs and television personality of all time. The couple got married and turned themselves into husband and wife in 1986.

After the wedding, the couple stayed as husband and wife for about 20 years and decided to get a divorce in 2005.

Nancy Putkoski with her late husband Anthony Bourdain in their young days (Photo:

When inquired about the reason behind the divorce, Bourdain’s extensive travel was cited as the reason for the divorce. The couple did not have any children, so there was no question about child custody. However, information about the divorce settlement is not disclosed yet.

In an interview with The Guardian in 2006, Nancy’s ex-husband Anthony talked about his regrets,

 “She was the love of my life. But everything changed.”

He also mentioned that one of the regrets he does not have is that not having any children. He said,

“I would have been a shit parent. I'm a very good uncle. The evil uncle who lets them do everything. But a parent? Up until very recently, I could hardly take care of myself.”

Nancy Putkoski currently seems to be single and not dating with any possible boyfriend as there lacks any news to confirm. 

Whereas on the other hand, her ex-husband Anthony married Ottavia Busia, a mixed martial arts fighter, on 20 April 2007, and has a daughter named Ariane born in the same year.

Anthony Bourdain with his wife, Ottavia Busia and daughter Ariane dining at home (Photo:

Sadly, Ottavia also shared the same married life fate as Nancy where the only difference was that Ottavia and Anthony share a daughter of 9 years old. In an interview with, Nancy’s former husband Anthony said,

"My wife and I live, have lived, very separate lives for years. There's no drama here. We get along really, really well and it's not a big lifestyle change happening here."

The reason for his divorce with Ottavia was believed to be the lack of family time as Anthony had to spend about 250 days away from his family for the sake of his work and the different career paths of the couple which made the relationship unstable. 

Anthony also explained that the couple does not possess any hard feeling for each other. Anthony said,

"As a marriage, clearly it's not ideal but there's no injured party here, nobody's angry, nobody feels like the injured party, nobody feels like a victim. So we'll proceed like that."

Recently, there has been no talks about Nancy and further information on her like her age, birthday or net worth is not known.

Ex-Husband's Dating With Italian Star/Director; Anthony's Surprise Suicide

Anthony moved on from his former wives and dated an Italian beauty Asia Argento; Page Six was the one to confirm the couple's dating. Anthony had the opportunity to meet Argento when he shot an episode for his TV show, Parts Unknown in Italy.

Back in 2017, Italian magazine Chi Magazine released pictures of the couple holding hands and even kissing in public, and they looked quite good together. 

Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain sharing a passionate kiss in public (Photo: Chi Magazine)

Anthony and Asia walking together, hand in hand (Photo: Chi Magazine)

But unfortunately, Anthony died at the age of 61. He was found hanged at Le Chambard, a five-star hotel in a cozy, converted 18th-century mansion in Kaysersberg, France at 9:10 a.m.on 8 June 2018. He was in France for filming his award-winning CNN series, "Parts Unknown."

The chef skipped his meal the day before he killed himself, which was his early the signs of trouble before his suicide. 

The death came as a surprise for everyone; even his mother Gladys Bourdain, a former editor of The New York Times, stated that she was not aware of the thoughts of suicide the Anthony had inside him.