Patricia DiMango, 64, Eluding From Getting Married? Personal Life Details

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Patricia DiMango, 64, Eluding From Getting Married? Personal Life Details

Retirement days can be fun too!

Judge Patricia DiMango is the special figure, who would prove that your A-game could be up even after your retirement days. She has worked for 30 years in the court of law and now, she is doing the same on the TV show, Hot Bench. 

However, her off-court life is of a different kind for she has been mum to personal details for a very long time. 

If that's what troubling you for long, know your answers down below!  

Once Married: Long-Time Divorcee

The retired justice of the Supreme Court, Patricia DiMango is a married woman. However, she has not lightened the married part of her life.

Though she has not talked anything about her relationship status, it came to light that she was a divorcee for long-time, who has no children. The further information of her married life including her family has not surfaced yet.

However, the Brooklyn native has not revealed her ex-husband's identity or the wedding details. Considering Patricia's silence, it seems she prefers a low-key profile rather than spilling the beans. 

Marital Status Now

Well, has the long-time divorcee Justice Patricia moved on to another marriage?

Similar to the silence she maintained for her separated relationship with her ex-husband, she has not talked about her new marital bond. The 65-year-old Patricia DiMango prefers to keep her age out of media as quoted in one of her interviews. 

Same goes for Patricia's personal life as her relationship status is out of reach.

Since her divorce, she seems to be possibly single as she has not engaged in any known relationship till date. The tough judge still hangs a divorcee tag on her marital status. Probably, like that of her retirement from the supreme court, Patricia seems to take a retirement from marriage too. 

Retired Judge Turned To CBS' Hot Bench 

In March 2014, Patricia made a different turn in her career. She retired from the court job and decided to take the offer on a big-bucks TV gig, a CBS syndicated courtroom drama Hot Bench, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin.

Patricia DiMango on the TV Show, Hot Bench (

Patricia has already got the style, dress sense and body language, a reality star possess. But what made her outstand was her understanding, empathy, firmness, aggressive and no-nonsense style while solving cases. 

She cherished her time at the New York Supreme Court Justice and gave her words at the time of her retirement in an interview with in January 2014. She stated, 

"My 16 years as a New York State Supreme Court Justice has been the most rewarding time of my professional life… I cherish the relationships and friendships that I have developed throughout the years."

Additionally, she stated:

"I look forward to the next chapter of my life with this exciting new adventure at Hot Bench and the incredible opportunity that awaits me."

As of now, Patricia Flanagan DiMango presides the three-person judge panel on Hot Bench and deliberate on the merits of cases in their chambers and deliver the majority verdict. Together, they are reaching new height making the show, one of the most successful courtroom dramas on TV.