Paul Johansson and His Turmoil with Baby Mama! Who is She? Girlfriend or Wife?

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Paul Johansson and His Turmoil with Baby Mama! Who is She? Girlfriend or Wife?

A bond without faith is like a vehicle devoid of gas, you can sojourn in it as long as you crave, but it will go nowhere!

The ‘One Tree Hill’ star Paul Johansson and his lady's relationship have faced the similar situation, and it seems like their bond will not last long.

Wondering what went wrong in their romance? Is it Paul’s lousy action or his wife's evil behavior that created turmoil in their relationship?

Stick around to find that out!

The turmoil between Paul and His baby mama:

Paul Johansson, who is also known for his role as Nick ‘Wolfe in Highlander: The Raven’, confessed that his baby mama had been dosing their kid with sleeping pills.

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The accusation came after his baby mama sued a prohibitory order against Paul for ostensibly blowing a gasket on her after the boy had an allergy attack.

According to TMZ, Mercedes Connor appealed in legal documents that Paul grabbed away from their kid and tried to run away.

The ‘Moonlight’ TV Series star also claimed that he went on to allege her of not providing the kid his medicine. She revealed that she was traumatized by the incident.

Firing back at his baby mama after she got a temporary restrictive order against him from the court, Paul asserted that his wife was the terrible guardian. He also confessed that she had given the kid sleeping pills to knock him out at night

Paul, whose previous wife was Gabriela Oltean, also told she was captivated by her phone at the moment and she only began to take care when he pressed for the medication. 

The six-year-old boy of the couple had suffered from a severe allergy caused by peanut.

Paul is a very dedicated father. He has a six-year-old son. 

He took to Instagram back on March 20, 2016, and shared a picture where the kid is kissing his father. The image resembles his affection towards his son.


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Again on October 12, 2017, Paul shared a picture of him and his sweet son Quinn via Instagram. The caption describes that the picture was taken two years ago. 


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Paul, who is frequently seen outing with Bethany Joy Lenz, is now dealing with some serious issues about his family’s happiness.

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Paul is noted as a tough actor in Hollywood. The Buzzfeed’s assistant editor Susan Cheng revealed after an interview with Johansson that the Hollywood still consists of the practice of sexism.

Johanson, who enjoys a net worth of $500 thousand, has faced the chaotic situation with his girlfriend cum wife. They are waiting to sort the things out after the court’s decision.