Phil Lester Hints That He Has A Girlfriend But The Gay Rumors Just Won't Fade Away; Has A Dating Affair For Real?

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Phil Lester Hints That He Has A Girlfriend But The Gay Rumors Just Won't Fade Away; Has A Dating Affair For Real?

These days being speculated to be a gay just requires a person to share a friendly connection with another guy and remain mum regarding their love life that includes a woman. You read that right, people today are quick at speculating things!

This scenario is something that YouTube sensation and vlogger Phil Lester can relate to, as he is often termed a gay despite him hinting that he has a girlfriend. But are those gay rumors true? Or is he dating a girl instead? Keep reading to find out!

Phil Lester Hints On Having A Girlfriend: Dating A Girl Or Are The Gay Rumors Firmly True?

Phil Lester has been a sensation in the Youtube world with his Youtube channel that has already garnered 4million subscribers. But despite having so many fans, Phil has always been adamant on not serving his follower's curiosity by speaking up about his dating life.

However, he once took over his Instagram to increase the fans' interest, even more, when he hinted that he had a girlfriend.


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It made some people believe that he indeed was dating a woman.

But some people were not willing to have faith on the photo posted by Phil and still want him to get romantically associated with Dan.

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And for those who don't know Dan, he is non other than another Youtube sensation, Daniel Howell who has been linked with Phil; the two are rumored to be in a dating relationship.


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The connection between them is far from the ones best friends have, and that is the reason why the Dan is speculated to be Phil's Boyfriend.

Dan has shared several photos of them being together, and that is why the rumors and the speculations are just not stopping to steam.


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Every single picture they post with one another is adding more fuel to the fire that they are in a relationship.

However, the fact that the two have neither admitted to be on the gay side nor admitted to be dating one another is the reason this speculation can be termed baseless. 

Regardless of what the truth is, everyone does know one thing, Phil is an affectionate family man, as he has often gushed about his mother and his brother, Martyn Lester on social medias.

Here in the video below, he introduces his mother and also talks about his childhood.

Caption: Phil Lester Introduces His Mother and Talks About His Childhood.

Published on Jul 26, 2013.

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