Phil Mattingly Keeps Married Life With Wife A Secret; Does That Make Him Gay?

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Phil Mattingly Keeps Married Life With Wife A Secret; Does That Make Him Gay?

Whenever the famous personality tries to keep their personal life, especially their married life secret; it comes at a cost, the cost of rumors and gossips swirling down the line.

Phil Mattingly, the CNN correspondent, is also one of such personalities who has treasured his secrets hiding it from the media and fans. Phil kept his married life low-key, as a result of which he came across the rumors of being gay.   

So today, we have brought you the information of Phil's married life, in addition to the truth about Phil's gay rumors!

Phil Mattingly's Married Life!

Phil Mattingly was married to Chelsea Carter back on 10 December 2011 in Washington D.C. For the one who has still not disclosed his age, Phil Mattingly has not expressed his wedding snaps in the media. Phil has also kept the information about his wife, Chelsea a secret.

However, as per Chelsea's LinkedIn profile, she has worked as an Account Manager (2007-2009) and Account Executive (2014-2016) in the past few years. Further, Phil’s wife is a graduate of two Universities; Georgetown University (2008-2009) in Public Relations and Communications and Vanderbilt University (2001-2005) in Human and Organizational Development.

Likewise, social media came to help when revealing about Phil's wife, Chelsea's pregnancy on 1 March 2017. 

Phil Mattingly was following the series of replies on Twitter with Diane King Hall talking about decaf coffee in his house. On the course, one of Phil's Twitter reply disclosed that his wife was pregnant back in 1st March 2017. 

Following the tweet, Phil welcomed a son named Carter with his wife in July 2017. Different networks made the headlines back in 2017, as the couple welcomed a new baby boy in their life.

Phil and his wife, Chelsea welcomed baby boy, Carter (Published on 6 Jul 2017)

Besides the image, Phil has not shared other personal details in regards to his wife or son. His married life and family certainly helps to prove the rumors that of being gay entirely false. 

Phil Mattingly's Short Wiki-Like Bio:

Phil Mattingly, a congressional correspondent, celebrates his birthday on 16th December, though his exact birthdate is still secret hiding his age.

Phil is the graduate of Ohio State University (2006) and Boston University (2008), where he received Master’s Degree in Journalism. Following the graduation, Phil joined the prestigious network, CNN in December 2015 as a New-York-based correspondent. Before CNN, he worked at Bloomberg Television in Washington where he served as a print reporter for 'Bloomberg News.'

Throughout his career, Phil covered the financial crisis to the legislature on his stories. His extensive work was awarded by Society of American Business Editors and Writers award for breaking news.

Besides TV, his works are published in various prestigious magazines, like the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the New York Post and the Chicago Tribune.

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