Portia Doubleday Is Dating! Turns Out Mr. Robot Is A Fun Boyfriend

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Portia Doubleday Is Dating! Turns Out Mr. Robot Is A Fun Boyfriend

An American drama-thriller series, ‘Mr. Robot’ has gained a lot of popularity since its 1st season in 2015, and when the title hits one’s mind, who can forget about the onscreen best friends, ‘Elliot and Angela.’

'Portia Doubleday' as 'Angela Moss' and 'Rami Malek' as 'Elliot Alderson' is exhibited as childhood friends on camera, as they both share a similar background in the series; however, their real-life relationship took another turn when the rumor about them dating started swirling around.

The American actress, Portia, had successfully maintained a low profile regarding her love affair till now but when her name was attached to her costar 'Rami Malek,' things got a little complicated!

The 29 years old actress, Portia, was rumored to be dating Rami since the year 2015, but the pair didn’t make any official declaration on the matter.

The rumors grew even more prominent when Portia nicknamed her rumored boyfriend,’Rami’ as’ Ram’ in one of her Instagram posts back in 2016.


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Portia stayed active on Instagram since then, and one of her upload in 2017 amazed everyone, as it was a picture of Rami kissing her.

She dedicated the image to Rami, stating that the picture was for their journey of 2 years, and added that she wished to be together in the coming days as well.


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In the same year, Portia shared another picture of them kissing each other, which excited their fans even more. 


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Despite all the questions raised by their fans, the rumored lovebirds haven't made any statement regarding their relationship till date, but by the look of it, they are definitely having a romantic life together!

Portia Doubleday’s short Wiki

Portia Ann Doubleday started her career at the age of 8 when she first appeared for Goldfish Cracker commercial, following which she got small roles in movies and continued to walk on the path to pursue her dream in acting.

She started performing in the popular TV series, ‘Mr. Robot’ in 2015 and has been the heart of the show since then.

When talking about her background, the family members of Portia are the Screen Actors Guild members including her sister, Kaitlin Doubleday. As the sisters share similar physical features, many people got confused when Kaitlin appeared in the series, ‘Empire’ and Portia in ‘Mr. Robot’ nearly at the same time. Many even thought that both actresses were the same person, but the confusion was cleared when they did an interview together back in 2015.

Even though Portia has maintained a successful career, her net worth is yet to be overviewed, and as per her rising fame, it's quite sure that her fortune will go on increasing as well!