Radha Mitchell And Her Interesting Yet Intriguing Personal Life; Ruling Out Getting Married?

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Radha Mitchell And Her Interesting Yet Intriguing Personal Life; Ruling Out Getting Married?

Fascinated by the Indian culture and having born to an Italian mother, Australian actress Radha Mitchell has a life which is the combination of an Italian, Indian and Australian culture. The mixture of several ethnicities allowed the star to live an interesting and intriguing life filled with funkiness and spiritualism.

Is spiritualism the primary cause for ruling out the concept of marriage or is the actress so fascinated and so into her life that she has no interest in getting married?

Traveling And Living; Ruling The Idea Of Getting Hitched?

Radha Mitchell though born in Melbourne, Australia to an Italian model mother Adriana Mitchell and the filmmaker father Norman Mitchell she has a strong connection with the territory of India in her personal life. The love for the country aroused in her soul when she was taken to the holy land and was brought up in the Hindu-Vaishnavite tradition by her parents. The love further deepened when she started to explore the richness of Indian culture and philosophical thoughts on spirituality which made her keep five names “ Radha Rani Amber Indigo Anunda Mitchell.” Further, the bond between the Australian actress and the Indian culture strengthen which coaxed the star to have a fantasy of making a movie in India.

Caption: The Waiting City (2009) where Radha drapes and mingle herself in the Indian culture. 

While working on the film” The Waiting City,” the movie inspired not only on the spiritual part but also allowed the actress to explore the issues and have her family of own seriously. On an interview with the timesofindia.indiatimes.com, she said:

“Not to the extent that I can explain you. However, The Waiting City has inspired me to an extent that I'd in future like to adopt a child and start my own family. I'm glad through this movie, we have been able to explore the serious issue of adoption of kids. We have created a dialogue and made people think about it, which are very important.”

Her love did not only end with the movie but further extended as she thought the country to be her real home rather than Australia. She said:

“In a way, yes. There is something all embracing about India. Everybody can find a place there. There is room for everybody. I feel a sense of home in India. I'm aware of the impact of the works of Satyajit Ray, and my next project will also have an Indian connect. Based on the book Holy Cow, it will explore different aspects of Indian spirituality.”

The Indian culture has set an impression on the mind of the actress. The food, warm, welcoming nature of the citizens, colorful Indian attire has laid a solid in the heart of Radha. When sharing her experience about the country she said:

I was about six when I visited old Delhi to meet family friends. I remember the monkeys, elephants, sarees, silk and the smell of spices. And also that my mother had diarrhoea. There is something special about the saree. It was special to wear it at the end of the film The Waiting City. You feel like a goddess when you drape it; won't make much sense to those who haven't worn it ever. during my recent visit to India, i attended the Kumbh Mela and got to stay in Delhi too. The capital is a great city. I adore it for its history, public transport and I am in awe of the Red Fort.

She further added,

I was 19 when I went on a road trip (from Kolkata to Goa) with my friends that too when we had no contacts in the country. We commuted by buses and bikes. But we knew what we were doing. That trip made me think how intoxicating and inspiring Indians can be. At that time, I imagined I too would become an actor someday in my life and thought how magical it would be to make films in India. So when The Waiting City happened, I was excited to be the part of the project.

While in the year 2006, she got linked with the New Zealand actor Martin Henderson. As Radhe has kept her dating life low so no reason for the break up got revealed but at present, Martin is reported to be single.

Caption: Martin Henderson and Radha Mitchell during 5th Oscar celebration at Beverly Hills (2006). 

Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

But having influenced by the Indian culture and wanting to have a family of her own there is a likely possibility for the actress to have a husband and might have got married as per the Indian tradition but is keeping her family at distant from the media approach. Recently at the age of 43 she might have even adopted a child and started her family with her man or as a lone parent due to which she has maintained a distant with the social media and focusing on her career which landed her with the total net worth of $4 million which would eventually incline as she has undertaken movie project The Shack (2017).