Real Husbands of Hollywood's Erica Ash: Married Onscreen, But What About Reality?

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Real Husbands of Hollywood's Erica Ash: Married Onscreen, But What About Reality?

Though we see our favorite stars sharing a relation with several celebrities on screen, we fail to know about their real life relationship status. Today we are talking about such actress who proudly reveals her on screen relations but tries her best to confide her real-life bond.

Married Life and Husband?

An American actress, Erica Ash experienced romantic connections with many actors in her movies. In the film Sister Code, she featured as a beautiful wife named Shiela of Lil Danger played by Marcus T Paulk. In comparison to the other characters she played, it seems that she loves the married woman character more. When we browsed through her Instagram, we found her posing with Marcus with a caption of my lil husband in the movie.

Well, it’s good that Erica is serious about her movies.  However, she is not able to satiate her fans who are desperate to know about her real life beloved.

Erica Ash is smart enough in concealing her personal life. She has not even given a speech about her own life in her social media accounts.Even our source has stated her single. So, she must be. Don’t you want to see her real wedding? Don’t you want to see her making a beautiful family? Nonetheless, we hope that Erica will be little compassionate towards her fans concern and provide them the information about her relationship status.

Erica Ash's Short Bio:

Belonging to Black ethnicity, Erica Ash was born on September 19, 1977, in Florida, USA. She was a pre-med student at Emory University but later came to the entertainment profession. She is an actress, singer, model, and comedian.

She has worked in the movies like" Minna no Ie"(2001)," American Judy"(2012), "Kristy"(2014). She also made appearances in the television series including "The Big Gay Sketch Show"(2006-2008) and "Cold Case"(2009).

She is currently seen in TV series like "Real Husbands of Hollywood"(since 2013), Shades of Blue and "Survivor's Remorse"(since 2014). Besides, she is also seen in "Jean of the Joneses" this year.