Rich Piana Married His Wife In An Interesting Wedding Ceremony But What Exactly Had The Couple Contemplate Divorce?

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Rich Piana Married His Wife In An Interesting Wedding Ceremony But What Exactly Had The Couple Contemplate Divorce?

Why do the weddings that are unique have not so much of a sweet ending to them? We are not talking about a majority of people. Instead, we are talking about a particular person today, and the person is Rich Piana.

If you recall, Rich had what we can call an out of the box themed wedding but if you don’t remember that is fine. We will be going through his relationship from the scratch and pull out the reason why they contemplated a divorce.

Rich Piana got into a relationship and quickly managed to speed up things with his bodybuilding enthusiast girlfriend, Sara Piana (née Heimis) who is originally from Iceland. The couple dated for three months and just after that, Rich decided to tie the knot because he felt lonely in his 5000ft home and did not know what to do in it.

Rich who was 45 years old by age at that moment was down to marry a 26 years old Sara and also had a wedding invitation like no other for his West Gate wedding on September 17, 2015.

Caption: Rich Paina inviting everybody to his wedding ceremony. 

The bodybuilding enthusiast had his arms open for everybody who had the slightest wish to join his day as there were no cards and dress code required. Rich invited everybody, and that is a generosity of another level. However, Rich carried out his wedding ceremony in style with his pals carrying him all the way to the aisle on a chair and the then to be bride and groom having tattoos on their side palm just before getting ready for the ceremony.

Caption: A memorable and big day for Rich and Sara Paina.

An Unexpected Divorce!

No matter how much of a unique wedding Rich had with his wife Sara, the marriage fell apart without even completing a one-year milestone. Rich Paine announced his split with Sara over Instagram just to let his fans know what was going on in his life as fans use to see them together all the time. Initially, Rich said that both of them worked out on their marriage and the split was on their accord.


I believe the time has come to announce that @sara.piana and I are no longer together. It was a crazy wonderful #livinthedream more than anyone could imagine year together!! A fairytale life but we do have our differences as all couples do and we both decided together that this was the best scenario! We are still friends and both agree this is the best choice for us. I felt it necessary to announce this on social media because we were together 24/7 so as soon as anyone sees us not together the first question is "where's Sara" about 20 people asked me that very question today at the gym and when I say we are no longer together it's a 20min conversation. Whatever happens in life you have to be strong and keep pushing forward and Sara is a very strong girl and we will both keep pushing forward and being the best we can be in every aspect of life! #nomorequeen #lifemustgoon #nothinglastsforever #nolovelikedoglove #keepmovingforward #livinthedream #forlife #5percentersmentality #deadred #bestsenario

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However, Rich heavily revealed the fact that Sara married him for personal benefits that were money and for acquiring a green card. In a video which Rich made after they both split, he revealed that he caught her stealing money from his bank account transferring to her alleged family account in Iceland, diminishing his $2.5 million net worth.

He later came to know about the green card issue when he overheard Sara talking to her mother which he rarely did. After that Rich made the bold decision of separating and having a divorce. He was warned by him family and friends about marrying a girl he’s known for just months but the love he felt over-powered him. Rich also implied that he did not want Sara to use his last name but also said it was totally up to her to do it.

Caption: Rich Paine revealing and stating the real reason for divorce. 

Rich did learn a big life lesson from his short spanned married life, which was at a high cost. He even had to experience what betrayal feels like and what it's like to change the way of living for the person for whom he was just a ladder to climb. We hope he never has to go through the same situation and takes a good measure of time to know about his future wife!