All You Need to Know About Richard Cohen: His Life History, Health Issues, Salary and Net Worth

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All You Need to Know About Richard Cohen: His Life History, Health Issues, Salary and Net Worth

He is living with multiple sclerosis (stiffening of a structure) for more than forty years. He has trouble walking, is legally blind and doesn’t use his right side. Richard Cohen who is an award-winning journalist and author is living with this hope of curing this incurable disease.

‘Hope is a good thing perhaps best of all and no best thing ever dies!’ This sentence from award winning movie ‘Shawshank redemption’ resembles his life.

Cohen's Life History and Bio:

Richard Cohen has written a weekly political column for The Washington Post and that since 1984. His column deals with issues related to social matter and various political status in his own typical personal style.

It was more than five decades ago in 1968, Cohen joined The Washington Post since he was a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He then covered education, city hall and national politics. He was then promoted to The Washington Post's chief Maryland correspondent, and it was then when he broke the story of the investigation of former Vice President Spiro Agnew.

He began to write a local column in The Washington Post Metro section’s front page in 1976. Cohen popularity grew across the country and was soon in the notice of newspaper editors all over the country.

Cohen generally writes about topics which reflects people’s lifestyle and those topics also deal with ranges of human relationships, frustrations, demands and simple joys which persuades happiness.

Like a neighborhood philosopher, he deflates some of the conventions used to accept life's changes: "We're always asked to deny what we know is true," he says.

Cohen has received lots of awards nationally and internationally as Sigma Delta Chi and Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild Awards for his investigative reporting. In July 1981, Cohen was also voted as the best local newspaper columnist by more than 1,000 Washingtonian magazine readers in July of 1981.

He's on "a short list of political commentators worth an intelligent citizen's time," says the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cohen's Health Issues!

Caption: Richard Cohen on Hope, Humor and a Care for MS today.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has taken its vicious toll on Cohen. MS is a neurological disease, very Mysterious and unpredictable, which affects approximately 400,000 Americans and is rarely fatal.

But it leads to havoc on the body's central nervous system which causes blindness, loss of balance, slurred speech, tremors, and even paralysis in some cases. The diseases are incurable. On the case of Cohen, he is legally blind and MS has also attacked his vocal cords, arms, and legs.

"There's an expression "diagnose and adios," and "see ya" because really there were no treatments of any kind," says Cohen.

Cohen met his wife Vieira in 1980’s and decided to marry although Vieira was wary of Cohen’s situation.

"Sometimes it's a leap of faith, says Vieira. “I fell in love with this guy with MS … This man's an incredible guy. So anybody that I produce with him, I think would be pretty cool. That was my feeling."

Salary and Net Worth?

Cohen is an American syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and has a salary of $46,000 as of September 2016. He has not revealed his net worth but is one of the respected people in American journalism.