Robert Kelly Married Life and Family Got Exposed On Live Television! Has A Wife Who got Mistaken Nanny

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Robert Kelly Married Life and Family Got Exposed On Live Television! Has A Wife Who got Mistaken Nanny

Popular as “BBC Dad,” Robert Kelly has undoubtedly attained immense popularity due to his viral interrupted BBC interview. Along with the popularity, the viral video star, Kelly also found himself in many controversies. 

We are sure that you are here to know more about him because of his public family blooper that helped him gain around 26.8k followers on his Twitter account. You might not know, but his interrupted interview has been watched more than 24.4 million times.

Aren’t you interested to know the inside story about the interrupted live interview that made Kelly a BBC Dad? If yes, then keep reading!

Family Exposed On Live Interview!

Back on March 10, Robert Kelly, the Pusan National University professor, appeared on the BBC to put forward his opinion with a Skype interview on South Korean politics.

In between the live telecast, two babies were seen rushing inside his office. Right after the video went viral, Kelly became a public figure surrounded by a lot of people curious about his personal life.

Caption: Robert Kelly interrupted by his children during a Skype interview on South Korean politics with BBC News.

The two children, who interrupted the interview, are Kelly’s kids; 4-year-old daughter Marion and 8-month-old son James. Meanwhile, in the interview, you can see a lady named Kim Jung-A dragging the children away from the room.

Mistaken as a nanny, Kim is Kelly’s wife. They have been married for six years, and by this fact, we cannot assume or reckon Kelly as a gay man. Kim is a yoga instructor by profession. Married in 2010, Kelly and his partner Kim lives in Busan, South Korea with their kids.

In an interview with The New York Times in March 2017, Kelly revealed that he first met his future wife Kim in a shopping mall in Seoul, not long after he moved to South Korea in 2008.

When people were saying that the lady in the video used too much force to take children out of the room, Kelly revealed that Kim is his wife and she didn’t use much force in taking children out.

A statement on his blog "Asian Security Blog" stated-

“No, Jung-A did not use too much force in removing the children from the room. It is quite apparent from the video that she is frantically trying to salvage the professionalism of the interview. The children were not injured. When Marion speaks in the clip, she says, in Korean, ‘why Mom?’ She is responding in surprise, because we normally do not treat out children this way. Marion’s willingness to comfortably traipse into my home office illustrates her usual ease with her parents.”

He even revealed that they didn’t hurt their children and thought he would never be asked to appear on TV again. Furthermore, he wrote-

“We have no comment on the many social analyses of the video. We see this simply as a very public family blooper, nothing more.”

Kelly and his wife, along with their kids, later appeared in a follow-up interview with BBC, where they talked about the public family blooper. They explained how the incident occurred and apologized for not answering media requests immediately soon after the video went viral.

Kelly even revealed how uncomfortable he was when his wife was called maid or nanny for the children.

Caption: Professor Robert Kelly back on BBC News with his wife and children where he explains about the interrupted interview.

A Short-Wiki-like Bio Of Robert Kelly:

Forty-four-years-old Robert Kelly is a Pusan National University professor, who is a highly respected expert on South Korean politics. Along with BBC News, he has been interviewed on network television for other outlets, like CNBC, CNN, Sky News, and ITN.

Well, he has also written for outlets including Foreign Affairs, The Economist and The European Journal Of International Relations. According to Kelly’s blog, he is also a screenwriter, musician or a classicist.

Furthermore, he explains that he has traveled to 40 different countries including North Korea and speaks Korean, classical Greek, French, German, Russian and Latin language fluently.  

Being very active in the professional career, Kelly surely earns a handsome salary. However, his net worth is still confined to Robert himself!