Roberta Flack is Still Alive! The Legendary Song Maker Just Has Some Health Issues

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Roberta Flack is Still Alive! The Legendary Song Maker Just Has Some Health Issues

A news of relief for the fans of Roberta Flack; the Legendary song maker is still alive! Amidst the rumours of her death, Roberta Flack has assured her existence. 

Well, it's just that with age she is in, Roberta is having some health issues.

So, today let's get some details on what she puts up to in her life now while getting acquainted with her biography as well.

Roberta Flack is Undergoing Some Health Issues:

It's downright offensive, to ask if the person is still alive when they are aren't dead yet. 

But, media is a place where the rumours spread like haywire. Even the death rumours don't get spared, which in return results in different questions getting emerged. 

Similar was the case with Roberta Flack, who is in her 80's now and is facing some health issues. 

Back in March 2016, Roberta's representative provided an insight into her health condition via Facebook. Her rep mentioned what Roberta said,

"I'm feeling strong and healing quickly. I can't wait to be out on the road again and perform for and sing with all of you soon. Thank you to everyone that has supported me during this time."

This year's October's post of Roberta being awarded by Town Hall, NYC, with the prestigious "Friends of The Art" award gave us a glimpse of her, where she appeared fine!

With the growing age, health issues are inevitable; however, we wish Roberta to be blessed with a sound health in the coming days.

Roberta Flack's Short Biography:

Roberta, who hails from a musical family was born on February 10, 1937, to parents Laron LeRoy and Irene Council in Asheville, North Carolina, and is 80 years of age. 

Begining from her childhood, when she was just nine, Roberta discovered the interest of playing the piano. Her excellence in classical piano even awarded her a music scholarship at the Howard University. 

Roberta, who initially chose piano as her major, gradually changed it to voice and eventually became an assistant conductor of the university choir.

After graduation, Roberta taught music and sang in nightclubs, where she eventually was discovered by Les McCann, a jazz musician, who helped her land a record deal with 'Atlantic.' 

Later, Roberta released her debut album, 'First Take,' in 1969 followed by 'Chapter Two' in 1970.

The four-time Grammy Awards receiver, Roberta Flack was indeed the first and remains the only solo artist to win the "Grammy Award for Record of the Year" two years consecutively! She received the first Grammy for "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" on 1973, and for "Killing Me Softly with His Song" on 1974.

Caption: Roberta's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." (Published on Jul 2, 2010)

She bagged two more Grammy's for "Where Is the Love" in "Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus," and "Killing Me Softly with His Song" won her another Grammy in the "Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female" category.

Her songs are what defines her!

Additionally, Roberta, who is of Cameroonian descent, was married to her then-husband, Steve Novosel, an American jazz bassist and educator from 1966 to 1972.

Furthermore, Flack is also a member of the 'Artist Empowerment Coalition,' which 'advocates the right of artists to control their creative properties.' 

Roberta's philanthropic indulgement includes her being a spokeswoman for the "American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."