Ron Gant Got A Wedding Day! This Time It Looks Like A New Wife

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Ron Gant Got A Wedding Day! This Time It Looks Like A New Wife

Along with the professional life of the celeb, the personal life excites their fans as well. And adding to that are the twists and turns in their life.

Today, we'll be talking about the former baseball player Ran Gant, who has his fair share of twists and turns. Talking about one, it seems he does have a wedding day to share and that also with a new wife. Let's dig in for the details. 

Ran Gant is Married And Has A New Wife!

Ran Gant is one of those persons who are not so open about his personal life and often focus on their professional life only. The 52 years old baseball player has been married and divorced once, but kept the affairs out of the limelight.

Talking about the first marriage of Ron Gant, he got married to Heather Campbell for years, and the former pair shares two children; a son named Ryan Edwin Gant and a daughter named Alexus Gant.

But sadly, Ron and Heather have gone separate ways, deciding not to share their matter out to the public.

Nevertheless, after a one failed marriage, Ron Grant has now given himself a chance with second marriage. So far, the new wife of Ron Gant is the evidence to the end of the first marriage of Ron Gant. But just like the first marriage of Ron Gant, he has managed to keep his personal life as secret as a closed book.

However, while scrutinizing the social media, we find out some of the information regarding this second wife.

Well! Taking the following post as reference, what we can say is, the Victoria native got married to beautiful Leslie on June 10, 2015, 

And of course, the broad smile of Ron says it all about the happiness of getting married again. 

A couple of years after marriage, the pair must be having a blissful life with family and we too like wish them a long live healthy married life!

More About Ron And His Net Worth:

The former American Major League Outfielder Ron Gant has played for several teams that include Atlanta Braves from 1987-1993, Cincinnati Reds in 1995, St. Louis Cardinals from 1996 – 1998, Philadelphia Phillies from 1999-2000, Anaheim Angels in 2000, Colorado Rockies in 2001, Oakland Athletics in 2001, San Diego Padres in 2002 and later in 2003 for Athletics briefly.  

While playing for Atlanta Braves from 1987-1993, Ron Grant, who stands tall at 6ft height, became the third player in NHL to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in the same season.

In the career span as a baseball player, Ron Grant finished his career with stats of 256 batting average, 321 home runs, and 1008 RBIs.

A couple of years later after retirement, he got appointed as a color commentator on TBS for Atlanta Braves. Furthermore, from 2012, he is a news anchor for Atlanta Fox and also co-hosts the show “Good Day Atlanta.” All of his hard work during his career has added a substantial amount to his bank, that makes his net worth, which dwells around $20 million.