Ryan Sampson, Keeping Dating Life Low - Makes Him Gay?

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Ryan Sampson, Keeping Dating Life Low - Makes Him Gay?

Rumor is something a celebrity cannot get off with, and today we have a new name on the list of a public figure falling victim of gay rumors. 

The English actor, Ryan Sampson who is best known for portraying Grumio in the ITV2 series 'Plebs' and Alex Venables in the BBC One series 'After You've Gone' has swamped himself with the skill sets required to maintain a low-key life.

As a result of which, his love life is barely visible, which led some spectators to rais questions about his sexuality. Well, if you too are curious enough to know about Ryan sexual orientation then you have come to the right place, as today, we will shed some light on the star's personal life! 

Ryan Sampson's Muted Dating Life

Ryan is one of those celebs who prefers keeping things close to his chest. The star hasn't even allowed minimal information of his dating life to surface in the eyes of media. Therefore, it remains mysterious if the actor is dating someone or is single.   

However, with his unostentatious dating life, many spectators have ended up surmising Ryan to be gay. But, he has never commented anything regarding such statement in any of his interview or social media. Well, it's one's preference to remain mum on any given matter, and we should respect the decision. However, an insight into the truth about his sexuality and relationship status will be appreciated any day from Ryan. 

But though Ryan is yet to address the rumors in his sexuality, back in July 2012, Ryan took to his Twiiter and shared a post where he hinted his father as a gay man.

Ryan tweets revealing his father's sexuality (Photo: Ryan's Twitter account)

With the tweet, he indeed added fuel to the speculations on him, as people now were more curious to uncover the truth behind his sexuality. But then, curiosity remains unserved as of now, as Ryan is yet to utter a thing on the matter. 

More To Know About Ryan Sampson 

Ryan Sampson was born as Ryan Oliver Sampson on 28 November 1985 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. Ryan attended Wales High School in Kiveton Park where he appeared in school productions.

Ryan started off his career from the Sheffield's Crucible Theatre. Likewise, he has appeared in television series including 'Wire in the Blood' in 2003, 'In Denial of Murder,' 'Heartbeat,' and 'Holby City' in 2006, 'After You've Gone' in 2007 and many more. 

As of his recent credits, Ryan played various characters in the ITV2 sketch show 'Glitchy' in 2015 and the same year he also appeared in ITV Encore's The Frankenstein Chronicles as Charles 'Boz' Dickens.