Sidse Babett Knudsen Married Life Shattered By Infidelity Issues With Husband; Too Busy To Have A Partner These Days?

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Sidse Babett Knudsen Married Life Shattered By Infidelity Issues With Husband; Too Busy To Have A Partner These Days?

The inclining expectation in any relationship often leads to dis- satisfaction and drag the married life to the doorstep of divorce. Danish actress, Sidse Babett Knudsen might have similar kind of a story to share about her shattered married life with her said Casanova husband. But did the infidelity issue arise due to her overly ambitious attitude or is she yet not over her husband and therefore is busy by focusing on her career?

Infidelity in Marriage Or involvement Of Unusual Expectation:

Sidse Babett in the series of “Borgen”(2011) plays the character of a sophisticated Danish Prime Minister  Philip Christensen's wife, Birgitte Nyborg. Before taking the lead role of Prime Minister, Nyborg enacts as a multi-tasking woman who is the leader of the centrist Moderate Party and a key leader in the coalition government with a liberal, decent, human mind blessed with a loving family.

Caption: Birgitte (Sidse Babett) consoling daughter Laura (Freja Riemann) along with Philip (Mikael Birkkjær) in the series Borgen (2011). 

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But things turned around when she came to power as the Prime Minister. The negativity started when she began to make unhealthy compromises with opponent political parties to remain in the authority which invited her to go through thorny life in her work and personal life. She had to face a substantial issue when her caring husband, Philip Christensen (Mikael Birkkjær) got tired of her long absence which forced him to have an illicit affair while her daughter  Laura (Freja Riemann) becomes a victim of depression and anxiety. Since the infidelity, Nyborg starts to date the British architect, Jeremy Walsh (Glen Alastair Mackenzie) and proceeds with her love life leaving her broken marriage behind.

Caption: The litigating romance between Jeremy Walsh and Birgitte Nyborg when leaving for Monarch (2012). 

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While at the mean time with she shared about the anxiety every Danish women felt due to the presence of the Alastair in the set and also disclosed about their love for the British man, she said:

"Walking around, you knew Alastair was on set because there were a lot of flushed faces. Everyone thought he was very charming. The Danish women liked Jeremy. We have a thing for English gentlemen.”

With so much of issues faced in her personal and professional life in the drama, the actress must have been well aware of the consequences of being over ambitious in life. In real life, she has completely kept her private out from the media light as the reports the lady to have a long term partner and a son whose identity and details got never revealed till date. And despite achieving so much of fame, Sidse has kept her family completely under the cast. When asked about her personal life by a source, she said:

“Why would I tell you? I don’t see the logic in anyone knowing that about me. For whose sake? Nobody wins.You can ask me, but I won’t answer.”

There remains a conflict weather Sidse got married to her partner or has she divorced due to the existence of infidelity in her husband like the series. Well, with a confined personal life Sidse has not revealed any of her prior relationship statuses nor has informed about the present love life, but with a son and an excellent success, she is surely living a wealthy life away from the media reach. Maybe after she retires, she would bring her family life in the limelight and accordingly launch her mysterious son in Hollywood, so we all are eagerly waiting!