Beautiful Singer-Songwriter Debbie Gibson: Is She Married? Or Has a Boyfriend? Where is She Now?

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Beautiful Singer-Songwriter Debbie Gibson: Is She Married? Or Has a Boyfriend? Where is She Now?

Singer and songwriter are considered to be the soul healer for every extreme situation or every romantic situation. When one single person blessed with the boon of both the qualities then no doubt he or she has becomes a heroic personality amongst the crowd. So, is the case of singer and songwriter Debbie Gibson.

Having drawn a large number of spectator through her writing skills and authentic voice Gibson has marked a print on the mindset of every individual. But, has she moved her magic wand to find her man or has she secretly married.

So fellas, let solve the unanswered question about her love life, marital status, and her current whereabouts.

Still in search for Mr. Right or hitched?

Well, the lady is surely not single. She is said to be dating  Rutledge Taylor, a specialized doctor since the year 2009. She has not spoken about her first meeting with her man and her dating events, but she has confirmed about her relationship and was spotted in plenty of functions together.

As posted by Daily Mail.Co, Uk on 16th April 2015, the women is said to be in a relationship with her man since last seven years.

When talking about marriage, the lady is not hitched with her long time boyfriend. As posted by Daily Mail.Co.UK on 16th April 2015, she said:

'We are married at heart'

She added:

'I find a gentle, calm walk with him in the sunshine continues to be the best medicine'. 

Well, it's 2016 people, and yes the lady is still with her man. Even though she has not made any plan for marriage at the age of 44, we are still looking forward to her announcement about her wedding day.

She has no husband nor children, or maybe she secretly got married to her man and had been keeping the fact away from the media. You never know till then people love her songs and just groove in her music beats.

Previous men in Her Life:

Every beautiful people before meeting a right man gets into lots of spurious relationships. Similar might have been in the case of the beautiful singer Debbie Gibson who dated plenty of men before dating Dr.Taylor.

In the year 2007, the lady is said to have dated Joey Gian, an American actor. The lady has not disclosed anything about her relationship events with Joey.

Caption: Debbie Gibson with Joey Gain at the opening of bed and breakfast on March 3, 2007, in Los Angeles, USA.


The relationship only lasted for a year, and in the year 2008, the duo moved in the separate path. After breaking up with the lady, Joey is not seen dating any women or man. Both the duo has not stated any reason for their break up. Thus, the reason for break up is still behind the curtain.

Similarly, the ironic lady had mingled with Lorenzo Lamas, an American actor in the year 2006. Even though the singer has not disclosed about her meeting events with her man, they surely have shared a common form of bond in the musical Grease. As posted by on 17th August 2006, the lady played the character of Sandy on the stage while the actor played the role of Tom Chisum.

Caption: Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas in the premiere of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"15th August 2006


Well, the duo moved out from the relationship in the year 2007. The lady has not given confirmation about her being in the relationship with the man nor has disclosed about the breakup thing, but the man is reported to be married to Shawana Craig, an American model.

So, the story may be true or just a rumor we never know till the lady speaks about it.

Whereabouts: Where is she now?

The megastar was battling through Lyme disease since the year 2013. After carefully carrying out the diet plan under the guidance of her boyfriend and the doctor she came back into shape looking fresh with new look immediately after two years.

Caption: On an interview, Debbie talking about her weight loss and Lyme disease on 21st April 2014, 

Currently, she is working for HallmarkChannel for the film Summer of Dreams. She has also appeared on numerous talk show like Loose Women, and Oprah Winfrey shows where she not only spoke about her new look but also about her drug use in the past years.

Through all her songs, movie and music video the lady has collected net worth of $5 million and is still working hard to add on her net worth.

Well, she possesses the character of the warrior as she has defeated the disease and has given a strong come back through movies and plenty of interviews. So, we shall be seeing the lady around in plenty of movies and some more of music video along with her ear soothing songs.

Well, girl, we are waiting for another hit song of yours after Out of Blue(1987) and  BruceSprings Teen(1989).