Does Skai Jackson Have a Boyfriend? Or Just Too Young For it Now?

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Does Skai Jackson Have a Boyfriend? Or Just Too Young For it Now?

If you think, your age defines the success you can get; you may be wrong. And who else than Skai Jackson, the young actress, and model can prove you better?

Started her career at nine months, she is just 15 years old but with a lot of highly regarded movies and TV series under her name.

By this time, you may have witnessed her growth to success but what about the colors of her dating life? There is more to the story, find out below! 

Skai Jackson: Not In A Hurry To Find A Boyfriend!

The 15 years old Skai Jackson is already a Disney Princess. Best known for the Disney TV series “Jessie,” Jackson is such a successful child actress that every parent would be lucky to get. 

Well, her age seems less for the success she garnered already on her side. And the same goes for her dating life. There is no sign of boyfriend or romance for the young actress, which is not surprising at all.

As of now, it looks like the actress has her love limited only for her family, career, and fans. Jackson is not hurrying for the romance to start early in her life, which seems to be a smart move for now.

If we are talking about romance, Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole seems to be the one who is stealing the limelight. She got engaged to her boyfriend, Gene Salas in early 2016. 

Kiya Cole was previously divorced from Skai’s father, Jacob Jackson with two siblings of Skai, a brother, and a sister.  

Skai Jackson has sweetest of a tweet about her mom’s engagement. On March 14, 2016, she tweeted saying,

“Congrats to my mom and gene.”

Caption: Skai Jackson's tweet congratulating her mom, Kiya Cole for her engagement.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Skai Jackson's Career is Her Love Instead

Skai Jackson, the model, and actress, was born on April 8, 2002, in New York City. It seems that the stars were on her side right from her birth; she began her career at such an early stage when everyone would be crawling their first step or trying their first word. 

Jackson was just nine months old when she first appeared on the small screen. And everything became just records afterward for Jackson.

At the age of two, Jackson became a baby model by appearing on different commercials and photo-shoots. At three she was marking her first debut on movie “Liberty Kid” in 2007. 

And Jackson was just nine years old when she was asked to be active on social media. She had to be active on social networking sites to promote her first show “Jessie” on Disney channel.

The child prodigy’s best works are seen on the projects like “Rescue Me, The Rebound, Arthur, The Smurfs, Royal Pains, and, Boardwalk Empire. The Disney series “Jessie”  aired from 2011 to 2015 became her breakthrough of her career. 

Bringing the fame home at a young age certainly has its downsides too and clearly, Jackson also has them. Whether it’s the bully for being short or turning her face to memes, she has always emerged out like a boss.

Out of all, her feud with Azealia was much more talk of the town which took place through social media. Amidst the Azealia tweets accusing Zayn of stealing the ideas from her work, Skai could not help herself and comment. She said,

“Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little.”

It was just the start of the feud. Azealia then replied the racist comment by talking about Jackson's color and accusing her mother of 'over-sexualizing' Jackson. Azealia's comment stated,

“You know they (Disney Channel) don’t like girls of your color. Enjoy while it lasts. ur mom’s been pumping you out to Disney since you were a lil girl. let’s see what you end up like at 21. Bye!”

 Skai responded back by tweeting she had a career before Disney and she will after!

Caption: Skai Jackson firing back Azealia after she tweeted that Jackson's career will end up like at 21. 

Photo Credit: Dailymail

Well, Skai has already gone through her share of ups and downs from the career like her. No wonder her skyrocketed career, which brought her the world-wide fame and net worth of $500 thousand, has few backsides to experience. 

Jackson has already experienced a lot, but there is a lot of fame and fortune to come along with the downsides of it.